Homework for Brits

Dear Reader,

Our beloved commentator Smiles responded to my last post about the lawlessness and rudeness of the British “Border Force”. He wrote:

… If I was a UK Taxpayer, I could be happy that our Government treats security seriously. …

Smiles is just trying to wind me up. In case he is not, and since he favors old school, here is an appropriate response.

“Dear Smiles, until next class you will write down a 100 times:

I shall never again repeat meaningless government propaganda phrases. Instead I shall use my brain and think.

Thereafter, since you have failed to give yourself a proper constitution, you will read magna carta. And you will then write an essay of a 500 words, why you dropped the legal concept of due process.

For further reading I recommend the Charter of Fundamental Rights, as agreed in the Lisbon Treaty. Yes, I know, the British government demanded a protocol to be excluded from the jurisdiction of the EU High Court. But the legal scholars agree, it is void. So, either leave the EU, or live with it.”


Now that we dealt with Smiles, on to a slightly more amusing issue, the name “Border Force”.

This just shows how ignorant British government officials are. As always, their language reveals the true intention. Clearly, they want to think of themselves as an army. But the always brilliant Online Etymology explains “force”:

force (n.)
c.1300, “physical strength,” from Old French force (12c.) “force, strength, courage, fortitude; violence, power, compulsion,” from Vulgar Latin *fortia (source also of Spanish fuerza, Italian forza), noun use of neuter plural of Latin fortis “strong” (see fort). Meaning “body of armed men, army” first recorded late 14c. (also in Old French). Physics sense is from 1660s; force field attested by 1920.

force (v.)
c.1300, from Old French forcier “conquer by violence,” from force (see force (n.)). Its earliest sense in English was “to ravish” (a woman); sense of “to compel, oblige” to do something is from c.1400. Related: Forced; forcing.

There is neither strength nor courage in those people. They don’t even dare identifying themselves. What wimps. They don’t have any power either. If they want power, they need to call the police. They are just wannabes.

What matches “Border Force” is the verb ravishing, as in rape. That gets close to what these people try to do. And they even label themselves that way. That’s what we call first class morons.

Closing with one of Glynsky’s favorite lines: “You get the government you deserve.”

Well done, Brits!

Engine Room

17 thoughts on “Homework for Brits

  1. Dear ER. Perhaps you misread, in your anger, what was written on the jackets. It was probably “Border Farce”

  2. Right. Attempt 1.

    What do you call a ghostly parallel bowler?


    I know! I earned my title well :D x

  3. Great! You wish me not to spend my credit to show favour, I will cancel my other gigs. I don’t want to give away anymore of my lucrative yolks LOL that would be an omelette-down :p


  4. Right DB…

    Yesterday I behaved despicably, to the extent of my best buddy ER…
    Now I know he would never admit that we are best friends in public and well he refused to wear the friendship anklet I wanted to send him, either way it is clear to me that we are definitely close and well our relationship is very much cemented in both our hearts.
    Mindlessly I threw him under the bus yesterday by taking light what he was obviously furiously stuck on, a bad probing by some ‘drunk off the power of the uniform’ staff… Now, I can only imagine the amounts of people that try and derail my best buddy, after all have you read his posts?!( if you are not jealous then you are certainly in awe), I have offered my services to kick the shins of people that are mean to my beautiful friend- I never thought that I would have to kick my own…

    ER – forgivesis??

    Much LOVE x



    1. Dear Glynsky,

      Can I get some of the drugs this lady is on?

      Dear Casper,
      No need to forgive anything. All is well.
      If you kick those guys, please go full force,
      as their name suggests.


  5. I have my Dear friend Life kicking them in full force just for you. It is best we watch from the side-lines- with the acompliments of snacks and soda.



  6. Woooah – that Caspie knows how to live. Go for it goil!
    Sadly I am unable to really join in all this excellent stuff and exchanges (particularly Caspies Classic Comedy Cornies) – looking after kids, running steam engines (vide earlier posts) and getting uniforms ready for school tomorrow! Then, freedom!!
    Luvya all – catch up soon.

  7. I am corny! Back to the drawing board! if I find something less tired I will be sure to comment.



  8. Been for a jog. The corny comment no longer bothers me, but I must say Glyn in your search for alliterative perfection, bruised my overly frigile heart.

    Now that’s out of the way, what exactly was meant by cornie’s?



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