drivel can be a form of incontinence…

Dear diablog,

Engine Room saw fit to publish an extremely idiotic rant at the British (actually he aimed it at only the English for some reason – probably because he now realises that traffic is only from Scotland!) without, in my opinion, thinking about it much – maybe still recovering from his confrontation with UK immigration.

Philippa was singled out for attention, apparently a first class moron – well, that’s a novel way of encouraging comment.

The topic can be contentious and I can certainly not claim to be an expert, but I thought it worth more investigation.

The whole issue can be clouded by, mainly, the blessed political correctness problem – ie, everyone skirts what they want to say for fear of being reported/arrested/labelled. Sadly, the morons with views like Engine Room play on a supposed need to a) be all touchy feely and not upset anyone and b) fail to want to grasp the nettle or just descend into abuse.

Opening facts (no real reason for those listed other than they give possible comparisons):

Countries by area/population:

  • UK 245,000 sq km (of which Scotland 78,000 – worth mentioning as it may not form part of UK soon). 63 million (5.2 million)
  • France 674,000 sq km, 65 million
  • Germany 357,000 sq km, 82 million
  • Italy 301,000 sq km, 61 million
  • Denmark 43,000 sq km, 6 million

Ratio population:area:

  • UK 257 people per sq km (67 people per sq km)
  • France 96 people per sq km
  • Germany 229 people per sq km
  • Italy 202 people per sq km
  • Denmark 139 people per sq km

Now look at this.



Forgetting the countries that for their own reasons promote active immigration, check out the ‘Immigrants as Percentage of Population’. I reserve comment on the Middle Eastern ratios.

A measure could be ‘density of population’ and if that has relevance as to whether the above are getting to bursting point, try this which means there’s loads to go yet – or is there? Do we want to all have to be cheek by jowl with our neighbours?

Using the example of Health Care (chosen for some reason in Engine Room’s post) read this. Could it be why the UK need loads more nurses as he claims?

So maybe a cause for UK angst (as in the main the English¬† (can’t speak for Scots) care a lot) is that the health care system (and public education set up?) cannot cope with all the (ever expanding) ‘extras’ in the most populated of the countries selected and needs refunding as the UK offers everything to all (mostly) free?

Or maybe folk are just getting too jammed into a reducing space?

And maybe society is failing to get to grips with economic migration?

All the data quoted ignores the encampments on the French coast (as I assume all Western countries have similar problems) but maybe the real problem is that we are seriously unprepared which makes us seem less than willing?

All I seem to end up with is more questions than answers – comment at will, we believe G+P to be an open forum – but one thing is sure, all the politicians and social commentators of all hues and beliefs have their own agendas and no one tells it how it is.

What about all the Eurozone premiers and their hand wringing about giving help, whilst abandoning, say, the Italians whose Navy takes them to Lampedusa in desperation and seems to have to feed them and offer them immigration help. I’ve not noticed Mucky¬† Mutty Merkel rushing to their aid.

Wake up Engine Room. Get your buddies in OWS to do something useful with their ill gotten gains rather then erecting statues to suicides.

Yours, diablog, bewildered


7 thoughts on “drivel can be a form of incontinence…

  1. I would like to comment, but I’ve read it twice and still can’t understand it.

  2. Dudes and Dudettes:

    Both are right:

    We have good immigrants.
    We have bad immigrants.

    I am guessing this is what you are all stuck with.

    Much Hugs



    P.S if this is not enough, dedicate your life’s work to it.

  3. Casper, I’m afraid that most of us are too old to dedicate our life’s work to anything but living.

  4. Dear Glynsky,

    Look at the wikipedia numbers you linked to. Sort it by immigrants as percentage of population. You have to scroll down a while then, to get to the UK. Then check the countries with higher, and those with similar percentages.
    Your opinion might change then.


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