Is your website censored in the UK?

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My recent disappointment in the British freedoms, or lack there of, has not been the first. You do you remember UK Censorship at Work, Censorship and surveillance in the UK, and UK officially starts internet censorship, don’t you?

Since 2011 the British internet service providers are “filtering” – that’s newspeak for censoring – the internet. Unless you opt out of the program, thousands of websites are blocked. Gaming, porn, weapons, alcohol, tobacco, and all this dangerous stuff is being censored.

Of course, the technically advanced just use a proxy or VPN to get around it. Rest assured, the kids, who officially are in dire need of protection and are being abused to justify this censorship, know exactly how to get around it.

But you Brits must be very happy with the government telling you what to read and see. Otherwise, you would have done something against the censorship, wouldn’t you?

Of course I care. It would be a tiny bit sad, if diablog with its content about alcoholic drinks, tobacco and what not was censored. Luckily, there is a website, where one can check, whether of not a website is being censored:

It was set up by the Open Rights Group and I extent my thanks to them. They found so far, 21,140 sites blocked, that is 19% of all sites tested there.

According to this report, diablog is not.

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  1. I believe there is a theme running here.
    I’ve noticed that for the two blogs on websites no one has commented.
    Is it because us old men can’t understand what is being written, or we don’t care.

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