its one long cycle…

Dear diablog,

I have to say that Health and Safety together with Human Resources are two of my pet hates of the modern age – luckily I have always (sometimes deliberately) avoided both.

One of my other annoyances is all the tosh thrown around about the help that recycling can do to the world in the ‘fight’ (the only fight in this context is does it exist!) against ‘Climate Warming Global Change’.

Most of it seems to be sent by boat to India to keep kids busy – using diesel engines to add a bit on the way!

As usual the undeniable efficiency of our Germanic cousins is pretty much evident in all walks of life – and particularly in this clip entitled German and Swiss Recycling.

Difficult to argue with really!

Yours, diablog, binned


PS. I shall shortly be back ‘in harness’ to add to the UK’s problems.

2 thoughts on “its one long cycle…

  1. You are singing my song, two group I dislike intensely.
    I’ve always wanted to be the new manager of a human resources group in a major company so I can sack the incompetent bastids.
    I’m afraid that all these hanger on type departments including cost and planning are on a job creation scheme at the expense of the engineering group which actually produces something.
    It will be nice for you to catch up with our world, though I do envy you in Italy drinking some fine wines.
    It’s been down to poor ER to entertain us in your absence, though he has done an admirable job and played some good music.

  2. OK as I’m here, I’ll put my penny worth in to hold things up in Glynski’s absence.

    Absolutely agree with the emphasis on recycling the germans espouse. Not that it matters a hoot when it gets to India! Where can I work in an office like t though?

    I’m with you on HSE – more bastids! They recently caused me great stress on one of my projects and I have to pay them for the privalige it would seem. Once they slap an injunction on you, they charge under new legislation, so sinically I would venture that the incentive is to find as much as possible to add to the bill! This they did, all unfounded as far as I was concerned. Anyway, off my back now.

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