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Dear Reader,

As you know, I am taking care of the technical side of diablog. Presently all systems are looking good on diablog, I am happy. Besides diablog, there are a few others. And one of those went fubar. So I spent two days searching for the cause in order to fix it. I involved friends, online fora, and even a professional help desk. All without success. Until I went back to a basic method: trial and error.

Eventually I found the problem. One piece of server management software, proprietary of course, had done a “security update”. I hadn’t asked for it, ordered it, agreed to it. The idiots just forced it upon me. Like shitty Microsoft does. Along with the update they installed another program, which I did not know, did not want, did not need. Added benefit, no one told me.

The new software was anti-spam, anti-trojan, anti-maleware, anti-everything software. Or short: utterly useless and senseless.

Let me make that clear: These programs are snake oil. They do not work.

Why? Because they try to prevent something after (!) the fact. Sounds like a paradox? Yes, it is.

The horse has bolted and they close one (1) door. Never mind all the other open doors. Especially the ones, that they create with their software.

Here is another analogy:

Let’s say, you have a spot/stain on a wall. And that stain grows. Let’s say you tried washing it off with water and that made it bigger. What do you do? Slap more water or paint on it?

No. You – or the expert you call – examine the stain and find out, it is rot. You then remove the rot, find the cause of the rot and fix that. Then you repair the wall, and everyone is happy. Only an idiot would try to solve the problem by slapping more shit onto the stain.

Yet, this is exactly what “security software” is and does. Slapping more shit onto a pile of shit. Creating an ever bigger pile of shit. Which then requires even more “security software”, aka pile of shit. Yes, you now understand their business model.

Why am I bothering you with all this? And what does it have to do with the headline?

Number one, I would kindly ask you to use and trust your brain. Do not install software on your machine, without thinking and doing some research about it first. You are not eating anything found on the street without checking, are you? Take the same approach to software, please.

The second reason is my new email policy.

There is a lot of SPAM and advertising. The stuff exists, we have to live with it. But from now on, I am unlikely to read your email, if:

– your email comes via a free mailer (especially yahoo)

You would not write your letters on someone else’s letterhead, would you? Get a proper email address.

–  your email has an anti-virus signature, or “sent from my iPhone/Blackberry/etc.”

That is SPAM and you are making the internet worse. Remove that crap, or ask someone to do it for you.

Thank you very much!

Engine Room

16 thoughts on “My New Email Policy

  1. Puzzled to the definition of free mailer – I use Hotmail and it is free in monetary terms, which means that I ‘free mail’ my homies. Is this what you mean?



    1. Dear Casper,
      Yes, AOL Mail, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, and (aka Hotmail aka MSN aka Windows Live aka …) are free mailers. The vast majority of SPAM is sent through those.

  2. Ok, that is understood. So what option does someone have in contating you, and monies considered. Because with filtering these ‘free mails’ you filter persons who cannot afford to buy mail.



    1. Before I let you do that, we need to agree upon how that “check” will be performed.
      I don’t want you to steal my eyeliner, lipstick, rouge, and powder (again).


  3. Very little cents I see, but it still makes very little sense to me.

    Poet? I know.

    I understand, and working from STmemory – it is (activity or business providing storage space and/or access to websites) I will not check the definition as I am in the middle of memory practises and I have measures.
    But….. I do not get, what that has to do with an email and unless you enlighten me, it will be many months/years perhaps until I stubble across to this ( I know, I am behind on life in general) – from a quick search again; are you taking about a personalised email address?



    1. Dear Casper,
      There are various routes one can take. And of course, it means educating yourself what you want and how you get it.
      If you wanted a domain, let’s say with Casper in it, you can see available ones here:
      After choosing a domain, you have to select a registrar and hosting. Many offer combinations of the two services.
      Or you pick domain and the hosting, and create and have an email address like


  4. Wow, this ER knows his stuff, and from what he writes, he also knows his way around a Cosmetics Dept.

  5. Evening Mr,

    I really like the one with the three kisses(.xxx). It would show that I am loving and kind. But it happens to be the most expensive too. Just my luck.
    Anyway, I have had a little read, and It is a great idea, I suggest every professional to consider it, (maybe in the future I might afford the .xxx one).

    Thanks for that X

    Thinking of names.

    Have a beautiful evening.



  6. And don’t tell me that Pete is missing. Just go down to the river or pond, turn over a big stone and you will find him.

  7. As an outsider I can vouch for Er’s phylosophy. He cleaned me out of anti – virus stuff and so far so good! Use your brain he said. That was a concern, as it doesn’t impress me, let alone provide adequate cover for all these trogan geeks around the world. I listened and trusted in his wisdom. Long may it influence. All leaves me totally brain dead!

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