Resounding at the Engine Room right now

Maurice Ravel – Bolero

Adding this piece to the category music is a bit of a stretch, since Ravel himself said:

What I had written was a piece lasting seventeen minutes and consisting wholly of “orchestral tissue without music” — of one very long, gradual crescendo. There are no contrasts, and practically no invention except the plan and the manner of execution.

But this goes nicely with making my first cup of coffee and enjoying it with my first cigarette.

10 thoughts on “Resounding at the Engine Room right now

  1. I found it easy to get lost in that simple meloooodddyyyy, just what I needed for a Sunday.



  2. Well, it would be a strange love affair between a Spurs supporter and an “Arse” season ticket holder.

  3. A stunning piece of music, I could imagine sitting in a park with a picnic and a glass of ER’s Rioja.
    I love the way the orchestra builds up, felt sorry for the drummers keeping that beat going perfectly for so long.
    The conductor was in the same mold as so many composers, nutty as a fruit cake.
    Thoroughly enjoyed it.

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