2nd Rioja – 3rd Spanish red wine – try it

Dear Reader,

Did I mention, that I am a lucky bastard? Constantly I am invited to excellent meals and – more importantly – brilliant drinks. Don’t ask me why, those people must be mistaken me with someone friendly, important, interesting, or something.

Anyway, on one of those recent occasions I was treated to yet another outstanding wine.

Twice before I recommended a Spanish wine here and here. This one now is a Rioja again, a 2007 Vina Cerrada Reserva:


vinaCerradaCrianzaAnd this is the vineyard, Rioja Vega.

This is a wonderful wine for warmer days, although it has 13.5%. Yes, quite a strong wine. But is has a very nice fruity taste, making it ideal for a warm summer evening among friends, with or after a delicious meal. On second thought, this wine would be equally nice during winter, in front of a fireplace, with or without friends.

Just try and enjoy it.

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2 thoughts on “2nd Rioja – 3rd Spanish red wine – try it

  1. I’m with you on the Rioja, whatever the label it’s a favourite of mine. It is one of the few things Spanish that aspires to anything Italian!
    I won’t go down the road of your mistaken identity, I’ll leave that to those who know you better on this blog. Questo ti fa bene alla salute! Bere alla salute di ER.

  2. Actually nobody could confuse ER with somebody friendly, important, interesting or something but he is welcome at my table and to share my wine any day !!!!

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