wurst roll…

Dear diablog,

I am accused of preferring Italian made cars above all others – not really true, I go for well/luscious/svelte/sexy design of which there are many Italian examples, but others used the studios as well. Irrespective of nationality there are a few post ’60’s designs/shapes that I find very pleasing.

I am not particularly a Mercedes fan but have to say that some of their current shapes are most attractive and from a power and efficiency standpoint, they take a lot of beating. Whether Italian design features I have no idea.

Add to this an advertising agency with imagination and flair and sometimes modern car companies can really deliver.


Oh the noise and action plus a great shape – thanks Mercedes, this is worth watching.

Yours, diablog, on a roll


PS. So good to be back – I don’t think!

2 thoughts on “wurst roll…

  1. Wow, Glynsky back with a brilliant blog.
    Yes the SLS is a fantastic piece of kit, unfortunately out of the price range of most.
    Even though you would rather be back in Italy, we at the blog are please to see you back. No doubt Smiles will have something derogatory to say, but ignore him.

  2. I would never say anything derogatory about Glynsky, as it has all been written and said many times by other people.

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