a curse on your house, israel…

Dear diablog,

With due respect to the somewhat ‘personally colourful’ rants of Engine Room, my inane mumblings on the Euro and, in the past, Pete’s personal view of life I am unable to write on any topic at the moment as long as the utterly disgraceful destruction of Gaza is continued by Israel.



How quickly do the oppressed become oppressors.

The mealy mouthed insincere mutterings of possible future ‘apologies for killing civilians’, insidious and continuous ‘settlement’ invasions, naked dereliction of intent to solve make me retch. A scummy state allowed by allies to destroy at will deserves nought but exclusion from humanity.

Get your house into order, and include with it the hectoring by BBC interviewers (vide Wednesday’s News at 6) approach to those ‘on the other side’.

I am at a loss for words as long as this genocidal and holocaust like persecution continues of an invaded, repressed and mostly innocent oppressed population.


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  1. We have to remember that Israel didn’t exist until 1953, the Jews landed from the ship Exodus and stole Palestinian land.
    It now shows what a useless organisation the United Nations is, but at the end of the day a lot of countries are frightened of upsetting Israel’s’ biggest ally, USA.
    The only good thing is the USA can’t afford another war, Iraq & Afghanistan saw to that.
    Does that mean we have to boycott salt beef cafes ??.

  2. As always Druid, cogent comments.
    Personally I have tried to boycott anything Israeli for ages.
    I would mention, however, that I do differentiate between the state and those of the religion.
    I have no problem with the latter.

  3. Sorry, Druid,

    Having to correct that a bit. The state of Israel goes back a bit further, one could argue a few thousand years.

    In any case, the modern state of Israel goes back to the Balfour Declaration (1917), the Treaty of Sèvres (1920), the Palestine Mandate (1923) of the League of Nations (not the UN), the UN resolution 181 (1948), and declaration of the independent state on May 14th, 1948 at 4:00 PM. Recognized by the USA 15 minutes later, by the Soviet Union on the 16th.

    None of the above justifies the crimes of the state of Israel against the people of Palestine.


  4. Strong stuff and I share your outrage! And I’m no Hamas supporter either.

    Trust Er to give us the complete history. I learn something every time he opens his mouth!

    The two thousand year old Israel is their argument for invading Palestine in the ’40s in the first place and for me doesn’t hold water. You can definately separate the religion from the Zionists, as there are planty of Jews who disagree with the state of Israel, how it was formed and in what it does. Talk about turning the oppressed in to the oppressor. You would have thought the Jews would have learnt something from their treatment in the ’30s.

    They call Hamas terrorists and many probably are, but they would be freedom fighters in any other oppressive regime. Remember how the Israelis strung up British troops trying to protect Palestine at the beginning?

    Israel has to stop plundering more of the West Bank and give back what they have taken here. There has to be talk between the two extreme sides at some stage, but I fear that whilst the Jewish lobby in the US keep supporting the expansion of Israel, there won’t be any peace. Mind you that smacks of how it was with Ireland, until Clinton’s government finally stepped in with some help.

    Israel is a country reliant on subsidies. It just doesn’t stand on it’s own two feet! I had a Zionist friend who tried to live and run a business there in the ’70s, but had to give up and return home as he couldn’t fight the curruption at street level.

    Unfortunately the UN isn’t what is was set up to be after the war and it’s too reliant on US leadership anyway, so that’s a hiding to nothing. Regretably the world can only watch as it usually tends to do in genuine crisis. No riches or political agenda here to set off any interference.

  5. You know ER, I am beginning to tire of the ‘n’000 year thing.
    By the same token England could be claimed to be part of Brittany, Saxony or Rome – and we were fairly safe thanks to the Channel. Is Sicily Greek, Norman, Norse bla bla bla. Stick with Balfour but even that was notional.
    The root of Israel and its empire aspiration?
    Why, the good ol’ peace lovin’ US of A.
    Tar and brushes.

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