Only in America?

Dear Reader,

In one of his comments here, our beloved commentator Smiles implied, that Americans are extra stupid. Or uneducated. So I would like to report from one of my recent visits to the UK.

Obviously you are able to surf the internet, how else would you be here? And on 363 days of the year I welcome each and everyone, who sets sail and embarks on the adventure of going online. Glynsky insists that I am patient. And maybe I am. But only on 363 days. And then there is this one day of the year. Last time it happened while I was in the UK. It started with the first person:

“Constantly I receive this kind of emails. Is there something we can do about this?”

Excuse me? What is wrong with receiving emails? What kind of emails are you referring to? Am I supposed to be a mind reader? How about showing one to me, you know, for clarity? And who is “we”? Unless you are talking pluralis majestatis, what will you be doing to solve the problem? Oh right, nothing. So why don’t you say so then?

Next up, same day, different person walks up to me:

“Can you connect me to the cloud?”

Already annoyed, I pointed up to the sky and replied: To which of these clouds would you like to be connected, and how? Lightning? So the person reached into her bag, pulls out an iPad and waves it in front of my face:

“No, this one needs connection to the cloud!”

Clearly, this person too had no clue what she was talking about. Stupidly she repeated words, not thinking, not using her brain at all. If you don’t bother to think about your question, why should I bother thinking about an answer? My reply: What is “the cloud”? was answered with:

“I need to go to that google thing”.

I cringed and said: So you want to get a WiFi connection to the internet? She looked at me like speaking Chinese. Running out of patience I took the pad, connected it to WiFi, opened the browser – another word she had not heard before – and loaded the google webpage. She did not even say thank you, when I handed it back to her.

And then the next patient complained:

“I cannot make phone calls, the phone says no simcard”

Oh really, if there is no simcard in it, how do you expect to make a call? Have you checked, whether or not there is a card in it? Oh, you don’t know, what a simcard is? Much less, where it is in your phone? Why the duck do you think you are entitled to use it then? Like usual, switching the phone off and on again solved that problem.

By then I felt like Clint:


And to Smiles I say: Ignorance and stupidity are universal.

Stay sane,

Engine Room

a snack at the caff…

Dear diablog,

As you well know one of the people to whom G+P is dedicated is (was!) a wonderful man named Freddie.

In days gone by he and I would carouse around town at all and any hour of the day or night, often needing refreshment for ourselves and those with us (nuff said!).

Why the following didn’t come to mind with all of Engine Rooms inane blathering about NYC and how amazing was the food it has to offer (KFC? Wendy? MacD’s? Starbucks? – mmm, can’t wait) is probably due to his inability to discuss anything as he is always right.

Some 90+ years ago (not sure if NYC was around then) London emulated the Paris cafe lead when


Colbert opened its doors to a more than willing public – which a year or two later entertained Freddie and I regularly – and Mme and I the other day (when we sat in the sun at the table just behind the waiter for a brilliant lunch –  Seared Black pudding with mash and roasted apple!).


Interestingly about the only thing that seems to have changed over the years is that Sloane Square appears to have become Little Russia. From our waitress to many of the other lunch time patrons the beautiful Russian language was being used by equally beautiful Russian ‘gals’. Most distracting!

The food, though, was at its usual excellent best with one of the most interesting wine lists in London and such a treat, though Colbert is not the only culinary delight on the Square. If a more formal type of surrounding is to your taste…


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Apple clients – main source of facepalms

Dear Reader,

My opinion about the intelligence of Apple users – or lack thereof – has been well documented on diablog. Sorry to say, but there is new proof coming in.

Do you remember, when pranksters told iPad owners, with a new app their iPad would work as a scale? Enough idiots downloaded the app and stepped on their iPad.

Next one, iPhone users were told, an update to the operating system would stop the iPhone from breaking when dropped. Again, plenty updated and then dropped their iPhones to try it.

Then came the prank telling iPhone users, that another update made their phone water-proof. By then you would have thought, the idiots had learned their lesson. But no, plenty installed the update and dropped their phone into water.

All those pranks are well documented. So, how is the learning curve of Apple users?

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Ads on diablog?

Dear Reader,

Diablog is free of advertising. Neither one of us is paid for what we do. Except for you paying attention. Thanks for that.

Now for the second time, Glynsky played a Jonnie Walker spot. The first one here was quite good and well done. The second one, not so much. And the worst? I do not like Jonnie Walker. My favorite Scotch are Macallan and Oban.

But since we are at good advertising, and since posts about or with dogs are doing quite well, enjoy this:


Sadly, just a commercial, but a good one, don’t you agree? At least it gave me a brad smile, which is a lovely present I will appreciate any day.

Stay amused,

Engine Room

never mind the scotch…

Dear diablog,

No, this is not a rant at Referenda but an excellent ad for Engine Room’s favourite tipple – though I am sure that he will come up with some comment on it being too ‘ordinary’ for him.

Whatever, the amount of money this must have cost……



Who cares, it is excellent. Glossy and well honed.

Yours, diablog, in me cups