soldiering on…

Dear diablog,

Lets move on from today’s Jock fiasco. It is a good time to return to real life and forget/ignore a bunch of whinging wasters and get back to annoying Engine Room about ‘soldiers’ – if ever there was a tin one it must be him!

Recently we have all been uplifted by


¬†which have been an inspiration. Well done ‘arry


you did it for a lot of people – keep it going.

Blow me if I hadn’t lined up a post weeks ago about an excellent, fresh faced, enthusiastic and talented band that I had recently heard and wanted to feature, only to find that they were on the bill of the closing concert!

I talk, of course, of…

…The Vamps.

All their stuff is well executed, catchy and professional in the old sense of pop. Added to which they cover old stuff as well and here are their versions of two of the Glynsky favourites from yore:


I recommend them to you – check them out.

Yours, diablog, forgetting the blues (both Chelsea and the Saltire lot)


6 thoughts on “soldiering on…

  1. Excellent Glynsky, good band.
    Did take me back some years, I remember when all the bands wore ties and suits.
    You have brightened a foggy day in the north of Jockland.

  2. So it was no in the end. No guts these Jocks!

    Indulgences Glynski, they are good and always like the covers, as us old’s can relate so much better! Their version of Cecilia is excellent
    Not heard of them before. Nice to have an English band that plays a tune with some life in it for a change, getting away from the dull repetition of ballads regergitated out these days.

  3. Dear Glynsky
    I have just sold my shares in a flag making company. I was going to make a fortune producing Union Jacks without the St. Andrews flag.
    I agree with Philippa. Good music and may I say much better than most posted by ER.

  4. For information :

    The flag’s correct title is the Union Flag, it can only be called a Union Jack if flown on a warship.

    Inverness Druid – perveyor of useless information

  5. This is a matter of recent discussion and the Flag Institute has not decided on this yet.
    Anyway, I was going to fly my new Union Jacks on the bows of my warships as they steam into Aberdeen Harbour and blast holes in the Silver Darling Restaurant (still have not been there).

  6. I’m flagging with all this.
    I thought our ships flew the Jolly Roger.
    Main thing is you enjoyed the musical diversion.

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