Ads on diablog?

Dear Reader,

Diablog is free of advertising. Neither one of us is paid for what we do. Except for you paying attention. Thanks for that.

Now for the second time, Glynsky played a Jonnie Walker spot. The first one here was quite good and well done. The second one, not so much. And the worst? I do not like Jonnie Walker. My favorite Scotch are Macallan and Oban.

But since we are at good advertising, and since posts about or with dogs are doing quite well, enjoy this:


Sadly, just a commercial, but a good one, don’t you agree? At least it gave me a brad smile, which is a lovely present I will appreciate any day.

Stay amused,

Engine Room

14 Replies to “Ads on diablog?”

  1. The Druid and I love dogs.
    Last time the Druid was in Vilnius, my dog (Amicus) took him for a walk.
    Good work ER.

  2. Superb ad, being a dog lover I really enjoyed it.
    Even though I’ve worked in the Netherlands on two occasions, that accent is still hard to take.

  3. Greetings Diablog!!

    I hope you have been well, and have had a great month.
    I will be unable to catch up with the posts but might glance at few.
    ER that advert is adorable.

    Much Love,


  4. Thank You Smiles and Druid,

    I am glad I was missed [considering],
    And I am gleaming that I bring brightness, even though Druid you shine brighter than I.



  5. Hi Caspette. Welcome home! We all misstya.
    Did I not predict ER would moan about the scotch brand and pay no attention to the artistic content!

  6. Thanks everyone, I am glad you enjoyed it.
    I hope Iren liked it too, even with a beagle instead of her favorite, Chevaliers.
    Welcome back, Casper!


  7. ER, I was thinking about your malt whisky choice. Two very different styles, one from Speyside, light with a fresh taste. The other from the west coast, peaty with a lingering aftertaste. Both to be enjoyed with one of Glynsky’s cigars whilst relaxing in your favourite chair.
    I was a firm favourite of the west coast peaty malts, but stopped drinking whisky for a while, now I don’t like the taste.
    My choice of tipple would be Highland Park from Orkney, in fact I will raise a toast to the blog and all it’s contributors this weekend, Slainte.

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