Apple clients – main source of facepalms

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My opinion about the intelligence of Apple users – or lack thereof – has been well documented on diablog. Sorry to say, but there is new proof coming in.

Do you remember, when pranksters told iPad owners, with a new app their iPad would work as a scale? Enough idiots downloaded the app and stepped on their iPad.

Next one, iPhone users were told, an update to the operating system would stop the iPhone from breaking when dropped. Again, plenty updated and then dropped their iPhones to try it.

Then came the prank telling iPhone users, that another update made their phone water-proof. By then you would have thought, the idiots had learned their lesson. But no, plenty installed the update and dropped their phone into water.

All those pranks are well documented. So, how is the learning curve of Apple users?


With the new iPhone 6 out and an update of the operating system, pranksters told the proud owners, that they could charge their phones quickly by putting it into the microwave for a minute and a half.

How brain dead does one have to be?

Obviously, there are enough of those, mainstream media feel the need to inform Apple users, that this does not work. You can see it when searching for “microwave iphone” in any search engine.

By now, I consider Apple products and their inflated prices a tax on the stupid. Quite similar to lottery and casinos. And more and more I think, it is a good idea to not publish manuals anymore. And let evolution take its course.

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  1. It could only work in America !!
    Like taking McDonalds to court as the coffee was hot and burnt her lips.
    I will not mention the court cases against Tobacco Companies. Wow, smoking kills !!!

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