a snack at the caff…

Dear diablog,

As you well know one of the people to whom G+P is dedicated is (was!) a wonderful man named Freddie.

In days gone by he and I would carouse around town at all and any hour of the day or night, often needing refreshment for ourselves and those with us (nuff said!).

Why the following didn’t come to mind with all of Engine Rooms inane blathering about NYC and how amazing was the food it has to offer (KFC? Wendy? MacD’s? Starbucks? – mmm, can’t wait) is probably due to his inability to discuss anything as he is always right.

Some 90+ years ago (not sure if NYC was around then) London emulated the Paris cafe lead when


Colbert opened its doors to a more than willing public – which a year or two later entertained Freddie and I regularly – and Mme and I the other day (when we sat in the sun at the table just behind the waiter for a brilliant lunch –¬† Seared Black pudding with mash and roasted apple!).


Interestingly about the only thing that seems to have changed over the years is that Sloane Square appears to have become Little Russia. From our waitress to many of the other lunch time patrons the beautiful Russian language was being used by equally beautiful Russian ‘gals’. Most distracting!

The food, though, was at its usual excellent best with one of the most interesting wine lists in London and such a treat, though Colbert is not the only culinary delight on the Square. If a more formal type of surrounding is to your taste…



… there is a superb but relatively expensive bar/restaurant on the opposite corner (also with more than a smattering of tame Russians!) which I would heartily recommend for a special evening


called  The Botanist. With a truly impressive and modern interior


and the statutory number of Russians!! There was a time when a standard ‘London’ joke was that there had been an act of parliament which declared that all public places had to have a given quota of Japanese tourists, I guess this has been repealed and Russians inserted!

For the benefit of Engine Room both of these are almost next door to


The Royal Court Theatre which is a lovely old place and has an interesting non conformist history and is, as can be seen, featuring a play on hackers which may be of interest to him if in the Capital.

Whether it is or not I heartily suggest to anyone that a meal in either of the ‘caffs’ before or after a performance – or just for the hell of being somewhere class-ski!

Yours, diablog, checking the me ‘n’ u


4 Replies to “a snack at the caff…”

  1. You have certainly moved up in he world, what happened to bacon rolls and cars.
    Yes the Russians are taking over the world, I always believed it to be a communist country where everyone was equal.
    But as George Orwell said’ all men are created equal, but some are more equal than others.’

  2. Morning Druid,
    Guess you must be as happy as Smiles with the weekend result!
    Equal – who? Russians – even 30 years ago? Don’t be daft.
    Everywhere is the same, but good food and surroundings are worth keeping.
    See you there??

  3. Greetings from Almaty.
    If you think that Russians are rich, come and check out Kazakhstan,
    Even you motor heads will enjoy it, with plenty of AMG and Brabus tuned cars. In the meantime, I will enjoy the food and beautiful Kazakh women.

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