on yer bike…

Dear diablog,

In the recent Salon Prive post (and there are several to come, I promise) Engine Room referred to not being interested in the bikes – of which there were many classics including the extraordinarily rare


Maserati 160 cc racer.


However lurking nearby was an amazing animal worthy of mention which had been hand built, in a shed, by the designer (a shy retiring geezer) called the …

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Nobody ecpects the Spanish inquisition – Warrant Canary

Dear Reader,

Today, just when Apple starts selling its new iPhones, the warrant canary of Apple went away. You can read about it here. Please also read the updates at the bottom. Also, Apple CEO Tim Cook published this open letter. He just fails to mention, that Apple does “read” your emails to censor filter them in case they (!) consider it spam.

What does that have to do with diablog?

For one, some of our beloved readers and commentators are Apple users. They should know.

And two, our server stores visitor data. The data enable us to see how many visitors we might have, what posts are popular, etc. The visitors data include your IP address. It is stored on our server for one year. Also, when commenting, you are leaving an email address. Hint: It does not have to be yours or a a real one at all.

And last but not least, we all are guilty by association.

Existing and proposed laws, especially as related to the US Patriot Act, etc., provide for secret warrants, searches and seizures of data. To the best of my knowledge, similar laws exist in the UK, and other so-called lawful states.

Some such laws provide for criminal penalties for revealing the warrant, search or seizure, disallowing the disclosure. As we might comply with such warrants and their provisions for secrecy, we also make available, this warrant canary.

Canary-BirdWe declare that, up to today, no warrants have been served,

nor have any searches or seizures taken place.

You should note, if this message ever is removed.

To make checking easier, in the right hand column at the bottom, you will find a link to this post. If this is gone or changed, then something has happened.

Needless to say, we do not expect anything to happen. But then, nobody expects the Spanish inquisition.

Stay sane,

Engine Room

soldiering on…

Dear diablog,

Lets move on from today’s Jock fiasco. It is a good time to return to real life and forget/ignore a bunch of whinging wasters and get back to annoying Engine Room about ‘soldiers’ – if ever there was a tin one it must be him!

Recently we have all been uplifted by


 which have been an inspiration. Well done ‘arry


you did it for a lot of people – keep it going.

Blow me if I hadn’t lined up a post weeks ago about an excellent, fresh faced, enthusiastic and talented band that I had recently heard and wanted to feature, only to find that they were on the bill of the closing concert!

I talk, of course, of…

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Government Secrecy – an oxymoron

Dear Reader,

Since WikiLeaks and the Snowden Files we learn more and more about the secret dealings of our governments. All of which are wrong and a waste of taxpayer money.

Hardly anyone dares to talk about the underlying issue though. The issue being, that anything public (sic!) does not allow for secrecy. In this case, the world is black or white. There is no gray area. And Glynsky is plain wrong, when he says: “some secrecy is needed”. Public dealings and secrecy are mutually exclusive.

You, as a private person, have every right to privacy and secrecy. It is nobody’s business for example how you vote. That is a fundamental part of democracy.

In a democracy we give more power to few people, to act on behalf of all of us. That includes members of government, members of parliament, judges, policemen, civil servants, etc. All these people have more power than you or me, the normal citizen, and exercise this power over us, the normal citizen.

In exchange for that extra power, every single one of their actions has to be comprehensible. Everyone in public office has to be under scrutiny. And that of course forbids any secrecy and secret dealings. There is a name for governments, which act incomprehensibly, without checking, in secret. It is called tyranny.

Let us look at some examples.

If the government spends (your!) money, you have the right to know why, how, and who gets it. Thus we have public tenders. And you can be certain, if something is ordered without public tender, corruption takes place.

Whenever a judge, who holds a public (sic!) office, issues a super-injunction, injustice takes place. The one linked to was issued to cover up corruption. Which is a prime example of how one injustice leads to the next. The exact same is true for all the secret court orders in the UK and the US. Whether it is about spying on people, throwing them into prisons like Guantanamo, secret interpretations of the constitution, or other secret orders.

Secrecy is the opposite of justice and lawfulness. Secret courts are the prime example of a corrupt and lawless state.

So, whenever someone tries to sell you the idea of government secrecy, he or she is planing injustice and/or a crime. Because you as a citizen have the right to hide things. Not any public official.

If you are in doubt, then check the history of government secrecy. Who started all this crap?

For one, there is the concept of religious confession to a person in secret. In the Roman catholic church, that gave huge powers to the priests and in extension the Vatican. Every Catholic monarch confessed to his priest in secret, to hide his unlawful dealings from the public. You Brits are still caught up in this monarchy shit. As a result, the Pope was the best informed person in the world in medieval times and made plenty of use of all the secrets he knew.

What about secret services/agencies/police?

Just read the history of Joseph Fouché. He terrorized the French for decades with his spies and secret police. Check any of the secret police organizations on this list. If you need more recent proof, that secret government agencies are nothing but crooks, read this article:

CIA Director Brennan Admits He Was Lying: CIA Really Did Spy On Congress

And no, Glynsky, there is no “good” secret police or agency. I know that your Prime Idiot Minister mistakes James Bond movies and TV shows for reality. But all secret agencies act outside of the law, illegal, without scrutiny, abusing their powers every single day. They commit crimes every day. And they have yet to produce any success. If you ask for proof, they will tell you it is a secret. Only a moron buys into that illogic.

Stay sane,

Engine Room

Music business and the internet

Dear Reader,

Music is a vital part of diablog, and an almost endless source of dispute.

Let’s take the band U2 as an example. Pete loves it, Glynsky loathes it. And I think some songs are good, where the band front man is a jerk.

The music business is yet another debatable issue. Glynsky thinks it is great. I hate it. And the internet made obvious, what a bunch of knee-jerking idiots the music business people are. Following is another brilliant example, which is making the rounds online right now.


In 2008 the artist idiot known as Bono wanted people to be disconnected from the internet for file sharing U 2 songs.

In 2014 Apple force-fed its customers slaves the new U 2 song onto their devices. Want it or not, you got it.

Mr. I-am-always-on-the-wrong-side-and-haven’t-learned-a-damn-thing-Bono receives our Idiot of the Day medal.

Turning to the despicable music industry, in this case Apple, this raises some serious questions:

Who owns an Apple device?

Who controls the memory on it?

Who pays for the unwanted download, especially in times of mobile data plans?

I am sure, our otherwise capitalist I-paid-for-it-thus-I-own-it Glynsky will find an excuse for his pals in the music business.

A somewhat matching song title comes from Supertramp, Crime of the Century,


Stay tuned,

Engine Room

it is nearly all over – are you sure?…

Dear diablog,

So tomorrow we will begin to know the result of the greatest hype/scam of the 21st century.



bless her, who is a full blown Scot sent me the following – which to my mind (as a loather of the Simpsons) underlines what a sad joke the whole thing is.


but is it really?

I can’t influence anything/anybody BUT surely:

1. Whoever wins is it not going to leave the other 50% of Scots severely pissed off?

2. What might they do about it?

3. If it is a Yes there will be years of bickering as to who owns what and how much of it.

4. Is Alex Salmond really a world class leader – to say nothing of his ‘partners’?

5. If it is a No the shit really hits! Almost immediately  the English/Welsh/Northern Irish demand devolution from Scotland.

6. How does the rump UK government/leaders approach it without total chaos.

There is only one completely sensible vote –  all of you:




Why get sucked into a pointless argument not of your making? Revolutions are supposed to have a clear objective – is there one in all this???

Yours, diablog, sad