Amazing Animation

Dear Reader,

Do you love serendipity? Stumbling upon something, completely out of your frame, and then being amazed?

Usually animation does not do it for me. So for me this video was an unlikely piece to watch. And then I could not stop. See for yourself:

This is the artist:

Kudos and thanks,

Engine Room

3 thoughts on “Amazing Animation

  1. I watched this in the lounge at Frankfurt airport and it is really very very good.
    I wonder whether he could animate Glynsky or evenjust a part of him as Mme Glynskette would be very happy !!!

    Smiles 2 Glynsky 0

  2. I doesn’t do it for me I’m affraid. Reckon you have to be a bit of a computer geek to want to watch this stuff!


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