Darwin’s reading

Dear Reader,

Sometime high culture gets cut off a bit at diablog. At those times I usually step in and try to raise the bar a bit. Today I picked a find from a short while ago, and start with one of Philippa’s favorites, a map:



It comes from yet another wonderful online project, called Charles Darwin’s Beagle Library. Here is the link:


No, Smiles, this isn’t about dogs. It is the digital collection of all the books, Darwin took with him on his voyage on the Beagle.

Now you can read, what Darwin read on what many consider the most important research trip in human history.

Stay tuned,

Engine Room

7 Replies to “Darwin’s reading”

  1. Dear ER.
    Your posts are interesting and entertaining but it seems that the readers do not appreciate maps nor wordplay. Stick to music, food and drink, and posts about the Plonker.

  2. Now look here Smiles, you keep your comments about maps to yourself.
    I love maps, can sit for ages looking at any map, better than reading a book.
    As for wordplay, you can stick it

    Plonkers rule

  3. Dear Smiles,
    According to your own recent story, looking at a map once in a while would come handy, wouldn’t it?



  4. I have spoken to several people on this and all blame Lufthansa for flying to 2 airports in Moscow. Even Lufthansa staff and crew did not know about this.
    I suggest to start a campaign called SII = Smiles is innocent !!

  5. You have to remember that Smiles would never need a map as he either has a pilot or a driver to take him.
    As Glynsky will testify, he’s no good as your navigator as he’s always asleep.

  6. Excuse me, I got Glynsky and myself to Prague and back several times and I even changed the music cassettes !!!
    Only once were we nearly arrested in a military zone but the smooth talking Smiles got us out of that too !!

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