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Today Germany is celebrating the fall of the wall 25 years ago. If you care to follow the event, have a look here: https://fallofthewall25.com/

Along the route of the former wall they set up light balloons, to be released today.


One of the major issues of the GDR was the lack of freedom. In particular the freedom to travel and leave the country.

To move freely is a human right. Regimes fail, if they lock in their people or lock out others.

Sadly, some idiots did not get the message from 25 years ago. Have a look at this wall

on the Mexico – USA border. Or this ‘beauty’:

separating Israel from the West Bank. And boy are those walls working well.

The next idiot in line is the UK Prime minister. He wants to stop freedom to move within the EU. Because it worked so well for the GDR, I guess.

All those morons need a history lesson. Quickly.

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6 thoughts on “Right to move freely

  1. It’s not freedom of movement within the EU that’s the problem, it’s the numbers of people from everwhere weighing down on the available infrustructure. The net contribution of working imigrants to the system is high, which is good. We just don’t want the scroungers or criminals, we have enough of our own.
    Can’t see a wall going up any time soon. Points mean prizes and this has to be the way forward for imigration, from wherever, if work is what they are after. Our emgrants have to pay for services in Europe, we have too much of it free. Most of these are retired anyway.

  2. I can understand why the UK doesn’t want to join the Schengen Agreement, but I believe in free movement and work for Europeans.
    The big winge by the Brits is everyone comes here, but we don’t go to the rest of Europe to work. That’s because most of the Brits don’t speak anything but English so can’t work anywhere else.
    Even today a company making sandwiches for M&S and Tesco have had to recruit from outside the UK because no one wants the job.

  3. To widen the discussion.
    That’s not strickly correct Druid.
    Plenty of Brits went to Germay to work when things were so bad here and their skills were well paid over there. Language was not an issue and I believe still isn’t in the right job. It is true more people speak English than the other way around, but that’s only because the English went everywhere and spread the language around the world, establishing it as a common language.
    Unfortunately languages were dropped in too many schools some while ago, they need to bring them back, but it’s likely to be Chinese!
    On M&S, it’s not that no one wanted the jobs, there are 400 of them, it’s because the employment situation locally in Northamptonshire is very healthy so there are few takers. They should have spread the net in England before going to Bulgaria (for cheap labour as usual) and also employed all those graduates that wanted in, as they can’t get appropriate work right now.

  4. Laughing at the comments as a Brit, who left UK nearly 30 years ago, working for an Italian Company, based in Vienna but living in Vilnius.
    Stop moaning and move !!!!

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