i go ape…

Dear diablog,

One of the Padua posts drew much attention due to interest by all (much to my surprise) in the Piaggio Ape!

And I thought it was only me!!!!

Crazy though it may seem there is a burgeoning interest in the UK to get racing Ape’s established on the motoring calendar – though it has exisited in Italy for quite some time. The clips of British events were miles too long for diablog, but for the specific pleasure of both Engine Room and the Druid, try this from Monza in 2006.

It must have been a Red Bull event and Motocross rather than circuit, but it’s all there – pretty girls and all.

Bring it on!!


Yours, diablog, three wheelin’


4 thoughts on “i go ape…

  1. You always had a thing about 3 wheelers. Didn’t you once own a Reliant ? Sorry you had the 4 wheel version with dropdown gearbox.
    It must be the number 3, just like what Stoke put past you before HT.

  2. Oh boy,
    a Red Bull commercial, with horrible music to match the horrible flavor.
    What have I done to deserve this?

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