throw him to the christians…

Dear diablog,

At a recent Club 96 car meet a geezer unknown to me turned up in

DSC06781 - Copy

a fairly uninspiring Bentley – little did I know!

As a clue here is a much earlier pic of him (1966 I think)


When he became famous (notorious?) for a visit to the then existent ‘Animal Department’ at





which probably was as lush as this


where he bought a lion cub which he christened ‘Christian’.

Rather than waste space with the whole story I thought you may like to try this  and have a gander (which he had probably eaten!) at


Incredible and a sign of the times. Personally I think it a wonderful story which may be worth getting as a Christmas present for someone


Long live the ‘left fielders’ – anyone who is prepared to be different in this appalling world of PC, Animal Rights and god knows what other poxy pressure group gets my vote.

Yours, diablog, roarin’


9 thoughts on “throw him to the christians…

  1. Very nice blog Glynsky, you have a heart after all.
    What wonderful creatures lions are and to be able to see them in their environment is something you’ll never forget.

  2. They revisted him in Africa a while back and he recognised them. There was a very moving program on the TV about this and the original “setting him free” there. Brilliant that they took it on themselves to do this.

  3. Dear ER, I am not psychic, just that my Big Brother and I hacked into your computer. Interesting reading and funny.

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