and it’s been a happy time, ready for the slump?……

Dear diablog,

Wishing you all a very happy day, time with your friends and that all you wished for has arrived, albeit a little sooty.

And, being Boxing Day, just for Engine Room – at only 7GB of memory, and 25 minutes long!


To help digest the port and cigars,

Yours, diablog, ready for the show


5 Replies to “and it’s been a happy time, ready for the slump?……”

  1. What 7GB are you talking about?

    Sorry, after 4 min. I lost it. Might be ADS, or sumfin.

    Back to port and cigars,


  2. Back to training for me. The Personal Trainer arrives in 90 minutes.
    I will use the holidays to rest and train hard.
    Family lunch in Vilnius today as we did not spend Christmas together.

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