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Dear diablog,

I was admonished by Engine Room, last week, for having ignored for literally ages our Treasure Chest category with ‘stuff’ on our wartime hero Sash Fisher – and he was, as often (but not always) right.

The problem for me is that a) there is so much to go through and b) I would become welded to the scanner for indefinite periods and unable to look into the other things that interest (obsess?) me.

Luckily for me the serendipity that seems to follow my life found this at the top of the list and personally it fascinates me on numerous levels.

First the time and what was going on at the time of writing

para 1: it appears that things may quieten down a little

– er, in August ’41? Hello?

para 2: what service? The Navy, ‘normal’ service’, at Lyons Corner House?

para 3: oh well, looks like those of us still here are doing pretty well then!



but those blasted capitalists…



… will have to pay and through the nose,

paras 4 and 5: just watch this space though – a woman called Thatcher is on the way!!



but who cares,

para 6: just as well Jamie opened a new restaurant

and finally, as one of the classic to be always remembered signing off phrases probably ever written

para 7: ‘kind regards to…’ -up to his neck in s**t and bullets from ’41 to ’45, just how many Cine Techs was he likely to meet on a sub, in the Med , via Iceland ending up in the southern Atlantic (with a brief spell at Yalta thrown in!)??

Oh, its not quite the final thing, a PS.

Mmmm, pics of where, what – and into which journal – Nudism Weekly, The U Boat Monthly Review, Stuff for Admiral Canaris. The Sunday Times Travel Supplement?

Whatever, we’ll never know – but it don’t arf make ya fink.

Yours, diablog, imagination inflamed



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  1. I can’t write a comment, I’m lost for words.
    Just like the HTML email.
    Maybe I just don’t understand what is going on.
    As most of us have no choice in what system we use at work, we than go on to use the same system at home as we know how to use it.

    Invernessdruid – lost in space

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