so what’s not to like…

Dear diablog,

Glynsky’s back on the move and got stuff to report from the outside world.

I am lucky enough to have a sort of surrogate ‘son’ who is young enough to find good new things and places and who decided it was time for me to ‘leave the compound’ for an afternoon of silliness.

At the appointed hour I arrived in Marylebone Lane (to me, a previously unexplored London jewel) which seems crammed with all sorts of interesting ’boutiques’ and eateries. Still, I think, a poor cousin to Marylebone High Street but worthy of investigation as I arrived at the door of the unimposing


’28-50′ (don’t ask, have no idea) Wine Workshop and Kitchen – of which there are 3 other locations in town – which is rather nice inside!




with excellent, and I mean excellent, staff giving some of the best attention to clientele I have ever had the pleasure of receiving and an outstanding menu and wine list. One of the most commendable features here, by the way, is that almost any wine on the varied and interesting list is available by the glass (allowing you to chop and change at will through the meal) recommended, if required, by a particularly personable lady sommelier.

After an long and sociable lunch we repaired to, of all places,


the Connaught Hotel (one of the top 10 in London and which, coincidentally had 3 Bentleys parked outside the front door!) to sample the delights of the award winning Coburg Bar


to have ‘a couple of cocktails before dinner’!!

The whole ‘Connaught’ experience was surreal, very pretty ‘waitresses’, art deco splendour, charming barmen – all accompanied by the discovery of a new cocktail which, I found to be very much to my taste – The Avenue.

I have to say that I do not think they follow this in detail as I am sure I was told that there were other ingredients – though I do not share the doubts of the writer, I completely agree with his delight at the taste.

Whatever, give them both a try – loved it.

Yours, diablog, in a daze


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  1. Dear Glynsky
    It looks like a good place for next Diablog Board Meeting with favourite commentators invited, and therefore on behalf of the Druid and myself, we accept the invitation.

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