my wife doesn’t understand me Part2…

Dear diablog,

I know, I know – this is not quite the response to the original that you were expecting, but then what is?

I felt, however, that a quick shot of humour after Engine Room’s latest rant was in order and, even though the original post title has changed slightly, this may help any girl/boy nascent relationships out there in diablogland.

There is a hysterical (in all senses) follow up to the original which I shall post in the future – but this is a good warm up!



She’s a real cutie – and congrats on the slick production.

Yours, diablog, still looking for clues


5 Replies to “my wife doesn’t understand me Part2…”

  1. Thank goodness she was a cutie as the content was crap, in fact I lost the will to live before the end.

  2. Oh dear – sounds like she does this regularly. Where do you dig up such tripe? I think I’m erring on the side of preferring ER’s rants!
    I’m with you Druid. Don’t forget to put your wooly jock on ‘ole boy, this weather can do irrevertable damage.

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