shades between black and white…

Dear diablog,

This week appears to have been all about music, heavy metal, flying, history and – somewhat obliquely – military authority.

As usual, Christina


who always sees everything as a shade of grey and gets very excited at the thought of having authority imposed upon her, with a view to making diablog a seamless sequence of events, came up with this:

The video clip¬† is from Steve Slater, co-owner of the ‘Biggles Biplane’¬† BE2C replica that flies with the Great War Display team.
One of the team members is Bruce Dickinson, lead singer with “Iron Maiden”.

He also owns and flies the Fokker Triplane replica with the team. For those that don’t know him, he appears at 0.16, 2.03 and 2.33 in the video (and that’s him singing a song he wrote about Passchendale that accompanies the video). On this occasion, the team took off from White Walden, demonstrated over Knebworth, then landed at Old Warden and Bruce was helicoptered in to headline the gig.

To fly at the gig at which one is later headlining…… rock and roll is that?


Honest answer is, as you struggle off my lap girl, I have no idea!

Yours, diablog, ready to rock


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  1. Great fun. How many of the audience did they manage to shoot? Were there enough of them left for him be helicoptered back for?

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