and talking of sauces…

Dear diablog,

I wrote earlier this week on the pleasures which followed the 96 club meet – and here it is!


yep, luckily Sunday was a reasonable day and there was time to try out Mme.’s latest toy – a pizza oven in the garden.

Armed with a wide array of possible toppings –


and no, that is not my hand taking a large amount of chorizo – we learned that it is imperative, contrary to say a barbeque…



…to keep it going with loads of wood and live flame


to be able to cook calzone


and brilliant pizzas


with ease.

What fun – all are welcome to join us. Even if it rains!

Yours, diablog, rollin’ in dough


6 thoughts on “and talking of sauces…

  1. Now you’re talking Glynsky, it doesn’t get better than that.
    You are my hero.
    Mrs Druid want’s one.

  2. That’s unkind Smiles.
    So, Druid, if you are serious, we spent ages (2 years) looking. And serious is the price!!
    Various people we know have one but, if I am honest, the cheap ones are high maintenance. The Jamie Oliver one
    is well cool but very very expensive.
    The one in the post
    (model Margherita ours) is about half the price (doesn’t need the brick base bla bla) but still quite dear. By luck our local Costco had a few and they were 1/3 of the list price! All stainless, fairly easy to assemble but ‘kin ‘eavy!! Take out the stones first.
    Good luck.

  3. Impressive Glynsky. Often relflected on perhaps getting one for the garden, but never got there. Must get a gas ring for outside though, to avoid smoking the house out every time we cook a steak or two! The results look very tasty. Love the calzone, yum my favourite. New hobby for this summer then.

  4. Go for it – but don’t use a gas ring – boring.
    Part 2 of the plane is to buy a Victorian kitchen range eg
    similar to the 4th one down.
    The fire in the middle to be fitted with bbq grid, I have already bought just the oven part which makes a great fridge for wine (with ice packs) and holds 9 bottles.
    The cast iron, even outside, will long outlast us!!!

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