Any cabinetmakers?

Dear Reader,

Glynsky is the handy person on diablog. Me? Not so much.

My favorite, and the most delicate, tool I can use is a sledgehammer. Anything smaller and I am lost.

Yet, I love furniture with gimmicks. Secretarial desks with hidden compartments, campaign furniture, and extending tables.

And for a while I have been seeing this great piece on image sites online:



Isn’t that beautiful? This is where craft meets art.

I have no idea how this is constructed and made.

If by any chance a cabinetmaker is reading diablog, please let me know.

Stay tuned,

Engine Room

3 Replies to “Any cabinetmakers?”

  1. Very impressive ER, now that is a piece of furniture worth having.
    Whoever made it is at the top of their craft.
    I love the feel of wood.

  2. Interesting to know how old the table is. I have seen similar (though a little less complex) from about 1830 when on Mme.’s antique buying trips.

  3. Lovely piece of cabinet making and as you say a work of art. I can see how it would be made to function like that, only more difficult in understanding how it goes back!
    Do love round tables, so sociable. This antique is the sort that is ageless and would suit anywhere with the room.

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