rock steady…

Dear diablog,

As mentioned in previous posts there has been much activity in the Glynsky garages – more anon.

However, imagine my surprise on randomly choosing a garage waste disposal company to meet the guvnor who is, of all things, the lead singer in


who obviously had other things in mind.

Mine went immediately to

(note the trombonist who is a regular in Jools’ band on TV) but I have to say that Ska Faces are…



…well worth seeing live as they cater for both Mods and Skins

my new friend being the geezer in the red shirt near the beginning of the clip. Apparently the greatest fun is having two opposing groups of fans (theoretically who hate each other) in the same room sharing pints!

Recommended to North Londoners if nearby and for Engine Room (‘cos of the scooters and music from Quadrophenia) an extra clip of theirs

Yours, diablog, smoothin’


2 Replies to “rock steady…”

  1. Good blog Glynsky, even though it did make me feel old.
    What a waste of a damn good Vespa.
    Some of those old scooters must be worth some good money now.

  2. Quite so Druid.
    Full restore circa ’59 Lambretta can set you back over £12k!
    Glad you enjoyed – I did!!

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