so how mad can you get…

Dear diablog,

I have been hinting, recently, at a possible addition to the Glynsky stable. Sorry, you will still have to wait a bit but in the meantime I stumbled upon the following clip which sadly is NOT that to which I have hinted.

My apologies for the whole thing being in Italian. It doesn’t really matter, just pump up the volume (as advised by Giuliano at the beginning) – but be ready for the ultimate madness.

His company specialise in the rebuild of Fiat 5 and 600’s (some of which are visible in the background at the start) and it would appear that he is prepared to build you, of all things…


a Fiat 500 Lamborghini!

Starting with a ‘standard’ 500 they went on to



Just the job for the Druid!

Yours, diablog, reelin’


7 Replies to “so how mad can you get…”

  1. You’re right there Glynsky, the perfect car for the Druid.
    Think of all the fun you could have with it, all the boy racers laughing at you at the traffic lights, then gone !!!
    The only problem would be the price, probably get a nice Italian classic for the same price.

  2. Well I’m in Aberdeen and will be enjoying pasta as well.
    The only difference is that I will be cooking it.
    No mickey mouse sauces, all prepared by myself. Maybe I should have a nice glass of Italian wine while I’m prepping.
    I may even play some Eros Ramazzotti to get me in the mood.

  3. Tough. My young blonde Belarussian Assistant is now on the way in a limousine to pick me up from hotel and take me to restaurant.
    I might drink a Ramazotti after dinner.

    1. Great fun. Way back I had a couple of friends who did similar, with a Wolesley 1500 etc. Not with Lamborgini engines though! They did do the races off the lights against the Lotus Cortinas of the time and left them in the dust. Can’t say I built anything in this class either, but it was so long ago. At least Glynsky is still at it, but would he keep up?

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