tomorrow is a red letter day…

Dear diablog,

Tomorrow is a red letter day – why? Wait a bit and you will find out!

What has been taking place, however, has needed a degree of mechanical skill and this is the best clip, thanks to Erika


that I have come across recently that seriously shows mechanical skill!


Mind you, as she says, only in India!!!!

Yours, diablog, fair dinkum


6 Replies to “tomorrow is a red letter day…”

  1. Works perfectly, why is there a problem.
    In the UK you would need a low loader, do a risk assessment and cone off 1/2 a mile of road which would take at least 2 hours instead of 10 minutes. You would probably have to give 1 months notice and obtain planning permission as well.
    Go India you have it right.

  2. No he didn’t. The video ends with him preparing to jump down, and then he would have shut the tail-board. If he had done it whilst standing in the back of the lorry, he would have to climb over it.
    Am I right or am I right ?

  3. Oh Smiles, the pedant as ever. Too much pasta!
    Druid you are right – we are obsessed with safety, rock on Tommy.

  4. Tomorrow is a red letter day wrote our beloved Glynsky.
    Unfortunately, he sent by post.
    Maybe it will arrive in time for Easter.

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