Sorry backup needed

Dear Reader,

For some strange, unknown reason, diablog got FUBAR this night/morning. The server was damaged, and the website was not available anymore. Yes, I woke up to that nightmare.

Rebooting the server did not do any good, thus we had to go back to the backup from yesterday evening.

That means, Glynsky’s post from this morning is lost. And worse, the lovely comment by The Druid regarding poison.

I am very, very sorry.

Stay tuned,

Engine Room

side splitting…

Dear diablog,

Following my Friday post re the pizza oven it occurred to me that maybe a little extra information may help if you are contemplating buying one for yourself.

As mentioned, it is crucial that the flame be live and active. This means a plentiful supply of wood (no resinous eg pine. It sticks the pizza to the stones) which may mean, if like me you have plenty ready to cut, a lot of hard work as the ‘logs’ should be about 300mm long x 40 x 40.

I apologise for this being part of an on line ad but it was the best visual I found and heartily recommend you to the Smart Splitter.

And it really is as easy as it looks – note the two areas of cut for either the whole piece or to create kindling whatever.

Years ago Smiles borrowed a chain saw (to cut up wife No. 1?) and I couldn’t live without one – but this gizmo really earns its keep.

Yours, diablog, kindling


and talking of sauces…

Dear diablog,

I wrote earlier this week on the pleasures which followed the 96 club meet – and here it is!


yep, luckily Sunday was a reasonable day and there was time to try out Mme.’s latest toy – a pizza oven in the garden.

Armed with a wide array of possible toppings –


and no, that is not my hand taking a large amount of chorizo – we learned that it is imperative, contrary to say a barbeque…


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