Electro Swing

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As you know, I go on road trips often. Usually I meet tons of people, very often much younger than me. And it is great fun, always.

During one of my recent trips, students introduced me to Electro Swing. One of the pioneers comes out of Austria, his pseudonym is Parov Stelar.

And this is one of his pieces, Demon Dance:


This being the internet, and the age of user created content, youngsters have started to create dance moves around electro swing.

And here is one of the best videos, with 20+ million views, by Just Some Motion (JSM), dancing to All Night by Parov Stelar:


Stay tuned,

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5 Replies to “Electro Swing”

  1. Certainly not my taste in music, I find it very annoying.
    In fact I find any kind of electro music annoying.

    1. Sorry to hear, Druid,

      but I admit to having Glynsky and our younger readers in mind when posting Electro Swing.

      More for you to come,

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