Sunday Classic

Dear Reader,

The electro swing did not do it for The Inverness Druid. And Glynsky fell silent, not a good sign.

Recently I had the reat pleasure to attend a world premier of a symphony. More about that later. For today, here is my – or your – Sunday morning music:

Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No 8, Opus 13, Pathetique, by Arthur Rubinstein

That is as far as I got playing the piano.

Enjoy your Sunday,

Engine Room

4 thoughts on “Sunday Classic

  1. If you got that far playing the piano, I take my hat off to you ER.
    Unfortunately Smiles and myself were never musical, neither were our parents.

    Music is a big part of the Druid household on a Sunday and we play a varied selection on the stereo & radio, but really classical.

    Beethoven, nice music to sip a brandy to late on a Sunday afternoon

  2. What do you mean that I am not musical.
    I have sung behind the goal at Spurs.
    And as for my Fertility Dance, based on Morris Dancing, this is still a regular request by many.

  3. With all the focus that I have keeping me from twitching my head into the wall; that is very pants downy stuff ER.
    Enjoy the rest of your day xXx

    Casper X

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