burning bridges…

Dear diablog,

As you may have noticed I have been missing for a while – oh ok, you didn’t, tant pis.

The French bit is a clue. I have been checking out –




Or, Rouen (hence Joan of Arc), the town of Cognac (with specific reference to their excellent products) and a nondescript piece of road near Cognac known as ‘Freddies Curve’ (an homage to one of our ‘patron saints”).

First to Rouen, and an excellent place to visit which diablog heartily recommends to readers, no more than 2 hours drive from Calais and within easy striking distance in less than a day from London. In fact why more don’t go for the weekend or whatever is a mystery as the old town is both charming



…architecturally fascinating


(only the French can sell fags in a superb art nouveau building!), has delightful side streets


and a stonking cathedral



So, that explains the silence – but not what I got up to!

More soon,


3 thoughts on “burning bridges…

  1. Well done Glynsky, I beginning to think the blog had fallen asleep as so little has happened recently.
    Freddies Curve, sound like a bend at a racing circuit.
    Good architecture, but most of all good Cognac, enjoy.

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