26 thoughts on “French Pop – really

  1. I agree with Casper, definitely crepe.
    The French have not been renowned for good pop music.

  2. Sorry Druid I thought it to be the opposite,crepe was my reaction to a very artistic video when I thought different of music videos of that time.

    2 of the most amazing tracks on diablog as far. No doubt I am inlove, my feet barely touch the floor anymore and my life never knew it could be brighter..and that just from song words and gestures.

    Casper X

  3. I had to quote as some can’t see that far into sense.

    “A great attitude becomes a great day, which becomes a great month, which becomes a great year which becomes a great life”

    Simple right? Who’s stropping?

    Casper X

  4. I have just got to the most exiting part of the most exiting time to be alive;
    I remembered that I have a cutesy bestfriend who is one of a kind who is pretty much my smile.
    I mean above all/anyone else he will be getting my bestest at all times with such ease as I decided he is the bestest and the one I want to make happy all the time.
    I Love You BestFriend and Happy BestFriendYear <3 X

  5. Well, after that sudden outburst from Casper.
    ER, either it is you or you are definitely out and forgotten.
    It is great to be young and in love.
    Keep it up Casper but give the poor guy a rest some time :-)

  6. I know being attentive to my BFF makes no effect to my intelligence nor ego but my happiness scale goes out of the roof.
    Rest it is Gorgeousness <3 The responsibility I have taken on is to make sure as we change, I change so to keep him loved. It is tiring to be so high but it is draining to be the latter. His choice is medium low, medium medium or medium high. All the other BFFs' can provide medium mediums/lows, I deal in highs.
    I mean I do not want to be resented for that, please be sure, I want close to adult fairytale.

    Ok, rest, your wish is …

    Casper X

  7. Mmm. Not sure I kept up with all Casper’s mutterings.

    Agree on the song thing, take or leave, or gorgeousness <4 to change the responsibility of so high regard for ER and all other BFF's that pass us in the night, along with the fairies, our bestest friend who is a huge cutie emitting love waves to all alive and excited bloggers prone to big strops and floating around with feet dangling to medium and high and who we want to make happy a lot and who carries a great attitude each day of each month of each year until life becomes great and no one is resented.
    Simple right? XX

    1. Sorry Pips, I know, you meant well, address all you want I just didn’t get your humour.

  8. And Pips please stop addressing me.
    When in highschool I enjoyed bullying but I am over it now.
    If you continue I can address you too. There is plenty to compare you with that would easily bring satisfaction to other readers at your detriment. I am less patient too because you are a female who feels they are owed a right to act like that because god forbid it was tough to climb the ladder. Who knows! especially me, who cares! but yes, thankyoupleasebye!

    Casper X

  9. Peace.
    Diablog is pro free speech. That includes all and everybody. It is everyone’s own decision to feel offended, or not.

    Thanks for all your comments!


  10. Hold on.
    So shouldn’t be same be said about my reply to her reply. What is this seriously.
    And you reply.Wow. Perfectbye!

  11. I don’ want to hurt or be hurt by anyone. Neither do I want to sound,
    be or act immaturely ( the bad kind). I am allowed to ask not to be included in comments. Which I did.

  12. Do not let this distress you in anyway double D.
    I will be stepping aside as best/soon as I can manage, forming assumptive relations is something I cannot uphold.
    Emotional attachment is present leaving a more vulnerable air. Talking is the only sensible reaction but it has been restricted to me. You are all lucky to know each other I am glad to know you will all still be able to carry each other as best as you can.
    I am becoming ready to too become responsible of others and I have to do best I can too.
    It isn’t logical to make the steps I have to not accept certain behaviours actions and adopt a new ways when this remains an old setting in it approach. I do not wish to change anyone but amma changing.

    CPR X

  13. Oh dear Casper. My rattling was never intended to offend anyone, it was just a laugh, so apologies if my humour wasn’t to your taste. Sometimes I can’t make out what is going on!!
    Everyone addresses everyone else here, as appropriate, so I can’t see the problem. Perhaps you are being a little sensitive don’t you think?
    As ER says – peace…love..cuddles…les be friends…
    LOL xxx

  14. Strewth Smiles, YOU want cars??? Jeez. Watch this space.
    And yes, the music is Crepe – batter, fry, fold.

  15. As soon as I see a photo of a car or bits of it, I can choose not to read further.
    Unfortunately with comments, I have to read to the end.
    Now you know.
    Greetings from Istanbul

    1. Dear Smiles,

      Thanks so much for making me laugh.
      And please have an Efes in the city with
      the 2nd best nightlife in the world.


  16. Dear ER.
    Yesterday I had 2 Efes, one for me and one for you, on the rooftop restaurant of my hotel overlooking the Golden Horn. The Efes were necessary to wash down the plate of mixed meze followed by mixed kebabs. This was followed by Turkish coffee and a large Raki for digestion.
    Sorry, no time for nightlife as I am here to work.
    I really wonder where the best nightlife in the world is. Could it be NYC ?

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