And so UK censorship expands

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Do you remember, when they told you, not to worry about censorship in the UK? Because you were promised: Forever we will block only this secret list of child pornography, maintained by the “internet watch foundation”.

And do you remember, how manyincluding diablog – warned you? And how often we did?

Once started, censorship keeps growing. There is always someone complaining, and there is always someone feeling offended by something. And that something needs censoring, of course.

So, after the infrastructure for censorship was established with the UK internet service providers (ISPs), what happened next?

First of all the censorship went from “just child pornography” to a full fledged porn filter. Next the music industry got websites censored. And then the movie industry couldn’t stay behind, could it? So, they got more websites censored, like The Pirate Bay. And now? Now the book publishers got more websites censored. As you can read here:

The UK High Court has ordered British ISPs to block seven websites that help users find unauthorized copies of eBooks. Under the order, BT, Virgin, Sky, EE and TalkTalk must block AvaxHome, Bookfi, Bookre, Ebookee, Freebookspot, Freshwap and LibGen within the next ten days.

Needless to say, the porn filter was expanded quickly to include anything to do with guns, and alcohol, and drugs, and what not.

I truly hate to say it: Told you so!

Diablog also told you, how to circumvent censorship. By using either a proxy server, or TOR, or a virtual private network, aka VPN. But guess what, Virginmedia has started blocking VPNs as part of their “web safe”. They claim, VPNs are hacker software.

So, dear Brits, will you do something now? How long does the list of censored websites has to get? Or will you wait until your government starts censoring you? By then it will be too late.

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5 thoughts on “And so UK censorship expands

  1. I sometimes figure out what you have written a day or two later. Like with the above.
    I will see Tor and proxy server for this when I get the chance.
    Don’t be mad if I ask for help initially as I haven’t done this before.

    Casper X

  2. True. A girlfriend is out of the question as he addresses her like a child.
    Poor her, eh!

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