born again…

Dear diablog,

Just a week ago these three were, thanks to The Coalition, employed – and thanks to you, the voter, they have new jobs!

sortedCan’t wait.

Yours, diablog, in series




All terrorists are … British

Dear Reader,

Now we have proof. And it comes from the BBC, so our Brits at diablog cannot argue.

The Brits are to blame for all this security theater. It is not Islamic extremists, who cause it, it is the Brits. Thanks to Brits travelers like Smiles and I are being pestered and inconvenienced.

In case you do not know, what I am talking about, read Eurostar’s problem …...

Let me quote, emphasis mine:

When the Gare du Nord was evacuated on Monday after a passenger tried to take a disarmed artillery shell onto a Eurostar train, rail operators may well have let out a deep sigh and thought: “Not again“.

International and domestic services were delayed because of the hold-up at the Paris railway station, which is Europe’s busiest.
But it is far from the first time such an evacuation has happened.

Another delay occurred a little more than 12 hours earlier, in the northern French city of Lille, which also has a Eurostar station.
Again, an X-ray spotted an old artillery shell, trains were diverted and the station was evacuated.

In July 2010, a British couple even brought a live artillery shell to the Gare du Nord.
An official with SNCF, France’s national railway, told the BBC that such incidents were happening “fairly regularly”.

“It’s always Brits,” he said.

There you have it. It is the Brits terrorizing the whole world. Further proof, Glynsky admitted here, and I quote, “off to terrorise the neighbourhood!”

Stay amused,

Engine Room

rode the 600, part 2…

Dear diablog,

In continuing posts on the new arrival I just couldn’t resist starting this post with (particularly the lyrics) this!

and so to the real baby beneath whose delightful bottom lurks


633 cc of raw power!!!



all put into a screaming cacophony (oh all right then, sigh and wheezy whirr) of sound by the starter switch which is the right hand (the left being choke) of these two levers inside


between the front seats.

The amazing power produced transmits to the rear wheels


and Mr Toad is off to terrorise the neighbourhood!

Yours, diablog, in top gear



the camera never lies…

Dear diablog,

So here I am in sunny Wales by, for the fisherman amongst you, the banks of the River Usk near the positively delightful village of Crickhowell


actually, much to Smiles’ disgust, working!

Not just that, but later we will find out whether we are ruled by Wallace (or even Grommet) or the Sturgeon Roe(dent) or if the Great British unwashed have actually woken up to the fact that here is a very good place to live and that the coalition worked/will work well.

Whateva, it is all smoke and mirrors and to show to prove what you see is not what you don’t check out the CGI in these before and after takes of bits of The Great Gatsby

Maybe the answer to our ills is to ask the great man to join us.

Yours, diablog, voted out


PS. Thanx ER for keeping things going whilst I was ‘busy’ – will be away next week gathering stuff for diablog but hope to get some bits out (no comments thanks Smiles).

From the USA with love

Dear Reader,

The differences between the USA and England, US English and UK English, and the cultural differences are an endless source of fun at diablog, and online in general. Recently I read this conversation:

American: I hear, you might leave the EU?

English: Possibly. What do you say, we might join the USA as the 51st state?

American: You’re welcome.

English: Naturally, you’d drop that Independence Day.

American: Now I understand why the EU wants you to leave.

And here is an addition by from today:

Stay tuned,

Engine Room

Who is your agent?

Dear Reader,

Do you remember Jerry Maguire? An entertaining movie from the 90s, aka the naughties. Not a big fan of Tom Cruise, I do like Cuba Gooding Jr. He won an Oscar for his performance. And it was well deserved. Here is one of his famous scenes,

show me the money:

Why do I come up with this? Especially since the Q&A of diablog says:

Two issues are not discussed here:

  • sex
  • finances

Q: Why is that?

A: Because that is, where men lie the most.

Why money and why now?

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