Happy SysAdmin Day

Dear Reader,

Every last Friday of July it is time to say thank you to our/your system administrator.

We thank our sysadmin for keeping our servers alive and running and up-to-date, for making sure we can surf the seas of the internet, and reminding us once in a while to “switch it off and on again”.

And here is a recent chat of two people meeting online:

She: What do you do professionally?

He: I’m in it, but not in an IT company

She: Ahhh, a coffee junkie, who presses a few buttons all day, never picks up the phone, and is always stressed out? ^^

He: Coffee … well, you’re right. And what are you doing?

She: Assistant to the managing director …

He: Ah, so you make the coffee, have a relationship with your boss, and buy the flowers for his wife?

She: touche :D


Send the guy or woman some cake, coffee, beer, or what ever s/he fancies.

Engine Room

Why to say No to Windows 10

Dear Reader,

In case you are a windows user, I recommend you switch to a better operating system. And in case you do not switch, at least stick with windows 7. I said no to windows a long time ago, and today I say no, if anyone asks me for help with Windows 10.


Let’s start with how Microsoft handles the upgrade. First you see a notification to upgrade. You don’t want to? Tough luck, you cannot delete the upgrade icon and the underlying program. The only thing you can do is to hide the obnoxious notification. That already shows you, what Microsoft thinks about choice. You don’t have one.

Next reason, like Apple with its operating system, Windows 10 pulls you into the cloud.

No, you will not be on cloud number 9. You will be in the Microsoft cloud. And so will all your data. And the data of your contacts!

How safe is the data there? Not at all. For example, after the cracking of Hacking Team, people found so called 0-Day exploits, security holes, which Hacking Team was using. Two exploits were against Adobe’s flash player. Quickly, Firefox blocked the use of flashplayer, until the holes were closed through updates. That took about a week. Another exploit was using a hole in Windows 32bit. It took Microsoft much longer to patch that hole. Being less safe than with Adobe is a joke.

If that does not concern you enough, check the new Microsoft “Privacy Policy and Service Agreement”. In case you do not want to read the approximately 45 (!) pages, here is what the EDRi says (emphasis mine):

Summing up these 45 pages, one can say that Microsoft basically grants itself very broad rights to collect everything you do, say and write with and on your devices in order to sell more targeted advertising or to sell your data to third parties. The company appears to be granting itself the right to share your data either with your consent “or as necessary”.

By default, when signing into Windows with a Microsoft account, Windows syncs some of your settings and data with Microsoft servers, for example “web browser history, favorites, and websites you have open” as well as “saved app, website, mobile hotspot, and Wi-Fi network names and passwords”. Users can however deactivate this transfer to the Microsoft servers by changing their settings.

Please note, wifi names and passwords isn’t YOUR data. That is other people’s data. But it gets worse:

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why does this remind me of smiles?…

Dear diablog,

As always we can rely on Smiles to comment – sometimes quite ferociously.

Luckily for me we have, over the years, passed some good times together and his (in the past) ability to imbibe became almost legendary.

I dedicate this to him

with affection and in thanks of those times.


if music be the food….

Dear diablog,

Whilst searching for the stuff I needed for the real point of this post I stumbled upon a typical Top Gear bit of nonsense – excellent!

which gives you a clue what I was searching for – the trailer to…


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Resounding at the Engine Room right now

Dear Reader,

The following video is in .webm format. Not that there is much to look at. But I want to find out, whether your browser by now supports that format. You are using a current, proper web browser like Firefox, aren’t you?

Turn up your speakers, here we go:

What other reasons are there to play it?

We are a bit short on rock music at diablog. It is a classic, one of my favorites, a must have, an evergreen, you name it. I also believe, the Druid and Smiles might like it. Glynsky? Who cares.

Stay tuned,

Engine Room

what’s it all about, alfie 2…

Dear diablog,

In Part 1 we concentrated on the Zagato, now the turn of the beautiful Giulietta Sprint.


which showed direct contrast to Glynsky’s rather shabby (but much loved) later version – though still a 1300.

DSCF0982 - Copy

Despite a number of shared characteristics, the pristine one had a dropped nose, plexiglass rear window and the obligatory lack of bumpers as befits a full race…


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Real Time with Bill Maher

Dear Reader,

It is Sunday, do you have time for a slightly longer post?

Recently, to my big surprise, Glynsky posted on diablog a piece with a video from Real Time by Bill Maher.

Side note, Bill Maher’s intro:

is the second best I know. Absolutely brilliant. And for as long as I owned a TV, Bill Maher was what I considered “must see TV”.

Bill Maher is controversial. He is a comedian in line with the often mentioned George Carlin. Like Carlin, Bill Maher is not PC as in politically correct. His previous TV show actually was called Politically Incorrect. It got canceled, because it wasn’t PC enough.

His current show is 60 minutes long. Maher starts with a stand-up comedy segment about current affairs. Then he interviews a guest, and I really mean interviews, not just delivering cues for sound bites. Then he hosts a panel, which always includes people with controversial opinions. He regularly invites the intelligent, right-wing Ann Coulter. And finally comes a funny segment called “New Rules”.

Why else do I like Bill Maher?

He favors freedom over security, I agree.

He is against the current inequality in wealth distribution, I agree.

He thinks religion is bullshit, I agree.

And there are issues, where I disagree with Bill Maher. For example he is a pothead, I am not. Maher is in favor of the death penalty, I am not.

And Bill Maher has been wrong continuously, when it comes to the internet. After his 60 minutes show, he continues with something called “Overtime”. There, the panel discusses questions send in via the internet. And it is published on the internet.

Yet for as long as he is on air, Bill Maher has been against the internet. He and his TV station, HBO, are violently trying to keep his show off the internet. And then he joins Youtube. This is how Bill Maher promotes his channel:

Bill Maher has been defending the old media business and its fat cats for ever. And he does not see the cognitive dissonance in using the internet at the same time.

For years, people would upload recordings of his show for people without HBO. And Maher and HBO in a rat race issued DMCA take-down notices to get the files deleted. What a farce.

I stopped watching Bill Maher. Because in this case, he thinks he can have the cake and eat it. His support for the MPAA, which should be called MAFIAA, is plain stupid. How stupid? Have a look.

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