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Dear diablog,

Recently the Invernessdruid referred to ‘free speech’. The main diablog rules laid down by Engine Room when we ‘opened’ 4 (good lord, already 4) years ago were ‘no religion, politics or sex’. Broadly we all agree but sometimes….

I have been meaning for ages to post a snippet received from Erika


quite some time ago but which says a great deal about modern society.

I think we should post it every Monday morning as a ‘thought for the week’.


I believe that the original referred mainly to religion, but in 2015 add: race, colour, sexual orientation and just about anything else that is oppressed by ‘political correctness’.

I am truly disturbed that there are things and, apparently personal views, about which I can’t talk about openly. On discussing this with an extremely left orientated friend I was told that to ‘express controversial/non mainstream personal views in public is very dangerous as ‘the ‘uneducated’ might believe it to be true and act upon it!’ – what?? How condescending and arrogant is that! I am the only one who knows what is good for you. Purleeeez. Exercise tact and care not to offend yes, but shut up completely?

I have always believed in free speech and by this means can identify who/what you think/believe.It also allows me to identify who you are and what I should be careful of when expounding my views to you. The mob rule by Twitter and the like is awful. The lynch mob even worse. I know that ER disagrees with me on this but circumstance I think proves him wrong.

As I, the normally affable, really wonder what (and who created) modern society and its views I need to learn more. To this end I shall certainly be acquiring and reading this as soon as possible – an interesting, it would seem, reversal by a supposed revolutionary.

Here’s hoping things improve.

Yours, diablog, in education


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  1. Dear Glynsky,

    As you know, I am all for free speech, without limitation.
    I am glad you are giving up your idea of “some censorship is needed”.



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