red as a tomato, una paloma 3…

Dear diablog,

Tonight I am going with others to see Caro Emerald at Kew the Music. Can’t wait! Maybe we will take a real treat to eat whilst there and this made me think (as promised) of a super summer soup.

When in Madrid and at La Plateria (see ‘paloma 2’) Mme and I ate (discovered?) Salmorejo.

What we were given was called Salmorejo Cordobez though, if you read further, you will see that it appears to be known by a number of Spanish regions. Woteva it truly excellent and  if anyone wants to make it for themselves this seems a great recipe and very much as I remember it.

Yours, diablog, with a brief but recommended food post



3 thoughts on “red as a tomato, una paloma 3…

  1. I see she does electro swing, you can stick it.
    Like the idea of the soup, I will investigate

  2. Tip Druid – cherry tomatoes give the best taste. Other types ok but not as intense.

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