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It is Sunday, do you have time for a slightly longer post?

Recently, to my big surprise, Glynsky posted on diablog a piece with a video from Real Time by Bill Maher.

Side note, Bill Maher’s intro:

is the second best I know. Absolutely brilliant. And for as long as I owned a TV, Bill Maher was what I considered “must see TV”.

Bill Maher is controversial. He is a comedian in line with the often mentioned George Carlin. Like Carlin, Bill Maher is not PC as in politically correct. His previous TV show actually was called Politically Incorrect. It got canceled, because it wasn’t PC enough.

His current show is 60 minutes long. Maher starts with a stand-up comedy segment about current affairs. Then he interviews a guest, and I really mean interviews, not just delivering cues for sound bites. Then he hosts a panel, which always includes people with controversial opinions. He regularly invites the intelligent, right-wing Ann Coulter. And finally comes a funny segment called “New Rules”.

Why else do I like Bill Maher?

He favors freedom over security, I agree.

He is against the current inequality in wealth distribution, I agree.

He thinks religion is bullshit, I agree.

And there are issues, where I disagree with Bill Maher. For example he is a pothead, I am not. Maher is in favor of the death penalty, I am not.

And Bill Maher has been wrong continuously, when it comes to the internet. After his 60 minutes show, he continues with something called “Overtime”. There, the panel discusses questions send in via the internet. And it is published on the internet.

Yet for as long as he is on air, Bill Maher has been against the internet. He and his TV station, HBO, are violently trying to keep his show off the internet. And then he joins Youtube. This is how Bill Maher promotes his channel:

Bill Maher has been defending the old media business and its fat cats for ever. And he does not see the cognitive dissonance in using the internet at the same time.

For years, people would upload recordings of his show for people without HBO. And Maher and HBO in a rat race issued DMCA take-down notices to get the files deleted. What a farce.

I stopped watching Bill Maher. Because in this case, he thinks he can have the cake and eat it. His support for the MPAA, which should be called MAFIAA, is plain stupid. How stupid? Have a look.

This article by shows, how the MPAA wants to extort money from Google. Here are some quotes:


Earlier this month, we noted that the Hollywood studios were all resisting subpoenas from Google concerning their super cozy relationship with Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood, whose highly questionable “investigation” of Google appeared to actually be run by the MPAA and the studios themselves. The entire “investigation” seemed to clearly be an attempt to mislead the public into believing that it was somehow illegal for Google’s search engine to find stuff that people didn’t like online. A court has already ruled that Hood pretty clearly acted in bad faith to deprive Google of its First Amendment rights.

Google revealed one of the few emails that they have been able to get access to so far, and it’s stunning. It’s an email between the MPAA and two of Jim Hood’s top lawyers in the Mississippi AG’s office, discussing the big plan to “hurt” Google.

Beyond influencing other Attorneys General (using misleading fake “setups” of searches for “bad” material) and paying for fake anti-Google research, the lawyers from Hood’s office flat out admit that they’re expecting the MPAA and the major studios to have its media arms run a coordinated propaganda campaign of bogus anti-Google stories:

Media: We want to make sure that the media is at the NAAG meeting. We propose working with MPAA (Vans), Comcast, and NewsCorp (Bill Guidera) to see about working with a PR firm to create an attack on Google (and others who are resisting AG efforts to address online piracy).

This PR firm can be funded through a nonprofit dedicated to IP issues. The “live buys” should be available for the media to see, followed by a segment the next day on the Today Show (David green can help with this).

After the Today Show segment, you want to have a large investor of Google (George can help us determine that) come forward and say that Google needs to change its behavior/demand reform. Next, you want NewsCorp to develop and place an editorial in the WSJ emphasizing that Google’s stock will lose value in the face of a sustained attack by AGs and noting some of the possible causes of action we have developed.

In other words, Jim Hood and the MPAA were out and out planning a coordinated media attack on Google using the editorial properties that supposedly claim to have editorial independence from the business side.


And these crooks get support from Bill Maher. Playing a mouth piece for MAFIAA is way below his standard. He is making more than enough money. He does not have to be a bigot on that issue.

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3 thoughts on “Real Time with Bill Maher

  1. I have never seen the show,aside from the recent clip, your point seems sound though, I will take this in my imaginary friend.

    Enjoy your Sunday!

  2. Very interesting ER. I can see the issue you have with him, with your love of the Internet.
    As for the studios trying to dish the dirt on Google, the trouble is that big money always seems to want to use it every way it can to control the rest of us, mostly unseen. The only thing I have concerns about with the likes of Google is a greater need to have them police their own connections better, to keep sectors of the public arena safe. By this I don’t mean controlling everything we see, but helping to restrict and put out of business those sites that exploit the vulnerable in society.
    Keep us informed ER…

  3. Dear Philippa,

    This is a new quality in MAFIAA dealings:

    – buying a District Attorney and others
    – conspiracy to bring down the stock price of a company
    – forcing WSJ and NBC to publish fake reports

    This is organized crime, the goal is extortion.
    If you or I did this, we’d go to jail.


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