what’s it all about, alfie 2…

Dear diablog,

In Part 1 we concentrated on the Zagato, now the turn of the beautiful Giulietta Sprint.


which showed direct contrast to Glynsky’s rather shabby (but much loved) later version – though still a 1300.

DSCF0982 - Copy

Despite a number of shared characteristics, the pristine one had a dropped nose, plexiglass rear window and the obligatory lack of bumpers as befits a full race…





Despite all the speed goodies though, the interior was 100%+ ‘original’ spec for the period.

Gleaming interior paintwork and features


with everything of the right materials and in the right place.


Maybe, one day diablog, I will let myself loose on the rebuild of Alfreda – but then, maybe not!

Yours, diablog, wishing for perfection



12 thoughts on “what’s it all about, alfie 2…

  1. A classic should never be totally restored.
    Yours fits the bill of a good classic, enjoyed & loved

  2. Yep, I am with the Druid,
    and prefer Alfreda the way she was, w/out those headrests, or whatever they are called.

  3. The distance and time taken to find all the parts for restoration makes me silence with stress.
    What you guys need is a pre-loved classic in good condition which has build in twit tolerance.
    Smiles that has never crossed my mind regarding Glynsky.

    Casper X

  4. …..if I did ever buy a classic car, you guys are invited to knock at my door. Free every Sunday after 4pm.

    Casper X

  5. Desperado here – wotch you lot blathering about?
    Je suis, I am a rock star (quote from Bill Wyman).
    Knock knock knockin’ on heavens door.

  6. Great! It is agreed :-).
    …..so…..what do I ask for at the shop?
    ‘a rikkety ol pikkety brum brum zoooom beep beep’?

    Casper X

  7. Finnnnneeee!! If I remember correctly the idea was mentioned in passing while tipsy on Saturday sat outside a Jazzy bar, I can’t take full credit for this. Take it with a pinch of salt tho bruvas!

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