Resounding at the Engine Room right now

Dear Reader,

The following video is in .webm format. Not that there is much to look at. But I want to find out, whether your browser by now supports that format. You are using a current, proper web browser like Firefox, aren’t you?

Turn up your speakers, here we go:

What other reasons are there to play it?

We are a bit short on rock music at diablog. It is a classic, one of my favorites, a must have, an evergreen, you name it. I also believe, the Druid and Smiles might like it. Glynsky? Who cares.

Stay tuned,

Engine Room

5 Replies to “Resounding at the Engine Room right now”

  1. Paranoid…. #thatmomentyouwalkouttayahousetoseetwomeninarentedvanunloadingblacksuspiciouscasesintooneofthehousesnexttoyours!
    Eeeeeek, staying in past 10pm from now on!!!!!!!!
    I hope it isn’t karma for the song comment I made today! Jeezelouise.

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