if music be the food….

Dear diablog,

Whilst searching for the stuff I needed for the real point of this post I stumbled upon a typical Top Gear bit of nonsense – excellent!

which gives you a clue what I was searching for – the trailer to…



…a current BBC crime/drug series which Mme., house guest Franco and I have been very much enjoying recently.

Tonight is the last, sadly, episode so don’t watch it if you have not been following over recent weeks. It will spoil the treat of catching up.

But even that wasn’t the reason for the post!

The theme used for this prog is brilliant (having said that my guess is that the Druid will HATE it). A band hitherto unknown to me

Absolutely love it.

Yours, diablog, searching for more alt-J


2 thoughts on “if music be the food….

  1. That is very good to listen to. I am still bopping to it Glynsky!
    Have a good day y’all!

    Casper X

  2. Bit late on this one, but just catching up.

    Yes really enjoyed this series, despite the odd corny bits and the theme music definitely grew on me. Who are they though? The credits didn’t give out anything on this band, so they still remain a mystery.

    I bet if you bought their album, whoever they are, this would be the only track you liked. This happened pretty much with the theme to the Sopranos – Woke up this morning by the Alabama 3. I bought the album and even went to a live concert of the band, only to find they were a garage or acid rock band, or something and sooo loud you couldn’t hear yourself think! We left after a couple of numbers. Just couldn’t stand them.

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