why does this remind me of smiles?…

Dear diablog,

As always we can rely on Smiles to comment – sometimes quite ferociously.

Luckily for me we have, over the years, passed some good times together and his (in the past) ability to imbibe became almost legendary.

I dedicate this to him

with affection and in thanks of those times.


3 Replies to “why does this remind me of smiles?…”

  1. Dear Glynsky
    Those were the days. Thanks for the memories.
    Beware, the Druid is being White Van Man driving to Scotland from Cambridge..
    I am sure that he will comment when he reads this.
    He will certainly laugh as much as I did.

  2. Glynsky/Smiles we do not have the same humour if you used that clip for that.
    The same way I extend my jokes to never offend my beloved alcopop or any spirits in this world. That clip was, and for your amusement you did not mind.
    To be honest I have never filtered the jokes I make on Db, but when I meet people, I filter everything ‘if” it offends whether I like the person or not, I get no satisfaction from breaking someone down.
    I pass no blame nor any resentment to those that find comfort in that. But in knowing that too, I couldn’t stand by and not say as I do always when Smiles mocks. I thought I had friends that taught me what was right and not just when it suited them.
    If I couldn’t see the embarrassment, isn’t that were friendship kicks in. I certainly would. But hey, I grew up on the streets of Frica, I am a savage reet?
    What do I know.
    Chin chin, off to mend with my alcopop. Much love.

    Casper X

  3. I have never worried about offending Glynsky with my comments as I know that he will give back even harder, like with this excellent post.
    Keep it up Glynsky. You can these days with those little blue tablets.

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