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Diablog loves archives. Whether it is Glynsky’s relative, who provides inside into the days after WWII, see treasure chest, or Asian art, or the NYC Dept. of records, movies, culture, we love all of it.

The internet was built, to make information available. And we all made a big step forward.

The Associated Press, AP, the oldest and largest news cooperative, publishes its film and movie archive online. Find it all here:




Or, if you prefer, watch it on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/aparchive

along with the British Movietone: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHq777_waKMJw6SZdABmyaA

Browse history in moving pictures. Maybe during the next rainy weekend?

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Engine Room

you’re ‘avin a larf…

Dear diablog,

To continue with extra long items that drive Engine Room into a frenzy, try this from Erika –


yes, it is long but truly excellent and very funny and good for a Summer weekend.

though originally a ‘March’ episode.

Whilst I think I am against the current discussion to prevent the BBC from providing ‘entertainment’ (er, what else does it do?) HBO does seem to have a possible alternative to the present UK structure but why change what is not broken? That people stream and buy boxed sets (that don’t have a hint of cardboard) there is still place for the old fashioned – which I, for one, don’t mind at all.

Yours, diablog, with square eyes


the feet have it…

Dear diablog,

Along with Engine Room I suffer from irregular sleep patterns and occasionally wake in the small hours when there is little to do than listen to the radio.

As a Radio 2 addict I have often heard the excellent, and eclectic, Huey Morgan (of the Fun Lovin’ Criminals)

giving it large and rambling (sometimes incomprehensibly) about all sorts.

In amongst the gems he had dug up last week was (ignored til now by diablog) the redoubtable…


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English generosity

Dear Reader,

A few days ago I stumbled upon the following online:

An English man and his wife walked past a new, posh restaurant.
“Did you smell that food?” the wife asked, “wonderful!”

Being the kind, generous English man, the husband thought,
“What the heck, I’ll treat her!”

So he walked her past it again.

Stay tuned,

Engine Room