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Usually it is Glynsky, who writes about TV on diablog. But this year, the US lost two gentlemen, who have been entertaining us for decades. In May David Letterman retired from The Tonight Show after 33 years, and from TV in general.

And this Thursday, Jon Stewart hosted The Daily Show with Jon Stewart for the last time.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart was the start of many night shifts for me. A true gentlemen, he has been entertaining us for 16 years. And calling out BS wherever and whenever he saw it. It is fair to say, he had a huge impact on a whole generation.

I had the pleasure to see Jon Stewart at standup comedy clubs a few times in the 90s in the city, before he became famous. It had been great every time. He is one of the smartest, friendliest, sharpest satirist in the USA.

It tells a lot, that David Letterman was the last guest at Jon’s first attempt at a talk show in 1995, which got cancelled quickly. You can see the last Jon Stewart Show here:

David Letterman knew then, that Jon Stewart would be successful, he says so around minute 22.

And Glynsky might enjoy the story about Paul Newman’s 400 horse power Volvo Station Wagon.

As a farewell to two great gentlemen of intelligent TV entertainment, here are :

The Commodores with their classic from 30 years ago, Nightshift.

Thanks to both gentlemen for a lot of smiles, laughter, and common sense.

I do miss the guys,

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  1. The Casper Show is still going. I am here waiting but I doubt anyone will turn up! You are welcome to come and watch.

    Casper X

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