A bridge for sale

Dear Reader,

In a recent conversation with our beloved commentator Phillipa



we got back to the issue of Windows 10 and why you should say No to it.

During that conversation I compared your computer to a piece of land, and the operating system to a house.

Imagine you buy a piece of land and a builder has put a house on it already.

After you paid and moved in, you discover that the builder kept keys to the house. He can come into your house anytime. And he does so daily!

He put in a surveillance system and checks and records what you, your family and anyone visiting are doing. He claims it will make your house safer and will help him improve the house. What is an improvement and what is not, is entirely up to him. He calls that updates. They are mandatory and you have no say in it.

He also claims, that he can fix problems in the house that way. Never mind that he is liable for any problem in the house anyway. He built the bloody thing, didn’t he? His checking leads to him removing anything from the house, that he thinks you don’t need. Or should not have. He also puts in things, he believes you have to have. Sorry, he took your entertainment system. You don’t need that, according to him. A radio will have to do. Your movie selection? He claims it is illegal and took it away.

The builder also reads all your mail, incoming and outgoing. He records all telephone conversations you have. He also bugged your car and keeps track of where you are driving. Oh, and he put a tracking bracelet around your ankle, and everyone in your family. He checks your fridge, freezer, cupboards, and closets  for what you buy and consume. He then sends you mail with what he calls “better offers”.

Since the builder reads all your communication, he knows your bank details, your accounts, the balance, whom you pay, who pays you, everything. He is also familiar with anything health related, your conversation with your doctor, the pharmacist, everyone.

All this “information” gathered about you, the builder is selling to other people. Anyone paying him, learns everything about you. And fills your mailbox with even more “better offers”.

And the best part, he preserved himself the right, to use and rent out any of your rooms, if he wants to. So whenever the builder feels like it, you have a lodger. The lodger uses your whole house. Tough luck, if you want to use it. The lodger, of course, isn’t paying you.


And one last thing, just because Microsoft calls Windows 10 a free upgrade, it is neither free nor free of charge. You bought your computer and Windows with it. You paid for it. And never have you been less free, than with Windows 10.

If you still think this is OK, and one should install Windows 10, then I have a bridge to sell.

Stay sane,

Engine Room

2 thoughts on “A bridge for sale

  1. Splendid analogy ER. Brings the message home with simplicity and doesn’t fuddle the mine with techi stuff, which for me talking computers would do!
    Eternal gratitude for getting me clear of Windows. Linux Mint is the business and so far my new CAD program is too.
    For all you Windows users out there, just upgrading because Microsoft say so isn’t necessarily the way to go. Once you do there’s no turning back. All your most intimate stuff will float up into the clouds (or cloud) for all to have a piece of some time.
    Wish I could still wear that dress. I must lose a little weight to get back in it. Breath taking figure of a trani eh!

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