eye spy 2….

Dear diablog,

Back to Millenium Mills and Warner Bros


and some more images of the three week sojourn including


the truck fired by air catapult into the Thames. Actually, one of the trucks! There were several in case it went wrong (remember, as with the off roader this is filmland and there is always ‘backup!) –



-were they removed afterwards?

And what about…



…the ship?


or maybe aircraft


which one should always have parked outside the semi, along with


the mandatory bomb or


Police car.

Skoda or Wartburg????? Just testing.

Yours, diablog, with a fist full of files


9 Replies to “eye spy 2….”

  1. Wartburg 311 of course.
    Nice Hawker Sea Hawk as well.
    Good fun in filmland.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. The ‘Sea Hawk’ was cardboard!!
    As for classy places, believe what you will!! Don’t dare tell you where I’m going Thursday – or Friday for that matter!!

  3. We will soon know as wine sales will rocket in that city or town..
    Hope it is not Moscow as I will be there Thursday and Friday.

  4. Dear Philippa
    I do not drive anywhere and I let so called professionals do it.
    Glynsky will confirm that I am an excellent passenger and navigator (with a map in those days).
    In my 40 years of travelling to Russia, I have seen some incredible sights, including 2 cars chasing each other and men shooting at each other out of the windows with automatic weapons.

  5. Go out ????
    I sit in my hotel room with an armed guard outside. I have meals, drinks and girls delivered :-)
    Actually, the safety situation in Moscow has greatly improved and we foreigners are not rich enough to be of interest anymore.

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