doin’ it all the time…

Dear diablog,

There is a pop tune doing the rounds at the moment which a) I love and b) – as described by Chris Evans – is one of the most rounded, accomplished and well polished ever made.

Damned if I can figure out what the lyrics are saying I should do, but heck, it is brilliant.

Diablog has mentioned Megan Trainor before and if she keeps coming up with the goods like this she is going to be a seriously well heeled young lady. And she deserves it.

Yours, diablog, doin’ the Marvin Gaye


7 thoughts on “doin’ it all the time…

  1. I think the Fiat 500 was the best part of the video, not a great lover of the track.
    All to do with sexual healing

  2. Druid likes things that screech from what I remember thus a video of a screeching llama is what you should aim for next time.
    A mix was done between one and Tailor Swift!


  3. Why no mention of Charlie? He’s got a nice voice and no warbling! Big botty!!

    Can’t see why this song is so special though in regard to Chris Evan’s comments, but then who listens to what he has to say on a serious level. Like it though, takes you back. Are all pop tunes getting retro these days or what?

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